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Every February we focus on Relationships in all their glory and myriad permutations. I sometimes think I’m going to get bored with the theme after so many years, but once again, I’m delighted at the variety of articles and profiles we received.


Giving is inherently part of relationships and this month we have several examples: In Madison County (where WNC Woman has her office) some local women have come together to help Neighbors in Need with heating assistance in this colder-than-normal winter.


Sandi Tomlin-Sutker   Email: editor@wncwoman.com

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Email: editor@wncwoman.com

Then you’ll read about OpenDoors, a grassroots organization helping children caught in inter-generational poverty gain opportunities to move beyond those limitations.


Have you ever thought about becoming a Foster Parent? This month’s article, Do You Have Room in Your Heart? offers inspiration and information to help you do just that.


Relationships run the gamut from family to close friends to romance to our bodies and to the very earth that nourishes us. In Eight Luminous Women one very blessed woman focuses on a lifetime of mentors/friends; Circling Home to Heart relates the story of siblings separated at a young age and recently reunited; Vocabulary of Joy tells us about the changes a diagnosis of cancer had on the author’s relationship to her body.


And LOVE comes into this issue, of course! Dr. Deb Barnett offers us ways we can Become Magnetic to Romance and Monika Wengler gives us wonderful ways to connect with and Fall in Love with Your Environment. And in Cosmicomedy, Lavinia shows us how profoundly personal relationships are changing these days.


There is more: A look at the process of Past Life Regression; how women wield Influence even when they aren’t completely aware of it; and a thoughtful, even humorous view of an airport Slumber Party!


Since we love to honor Our Advertisers, and know that you readers want to know more about them, we have three profiles this month: Lara Taylor of Ideal Weight Loss; Christopher Taylor of Physio Physical Therapy and Paula Dawkins of Jewels That Dance.


The issue wouldn’t be complete without our regular columnists and each one offers useful, enlightening, interesting, inspiring information: there are organizing ideas; health and food and recipes; pets, music and a book review; business support and more.


I think you’ll find this to be another very rich issue. Enjoy, and write us with your thoughts and comments and even complaints!

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker