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By Sandi Tomlin-Sutker


By the time you read this column the New Year will be upon us. Why is it that we humans seem to divide time by the calendar and use certain markers to spur us onward into personal change?


Sandi Tomlin-Sutker   Email: editor@wncwoman.com

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Email: editor@wncwoman.com

Most of us do make New Year’s Resolutions… every year. But this month Maureen McDonnell shifts the focus to Inspirations instead… I love that! It seems a much gentler way to still set goals but from our internal nudgings instead of external “shoulds.”


Speaking of “pushing” I think you’ll thorough enjoy Cindy Dollar’s irreverant and funny look at shifting from unconscious to more aware ways of being.


Barbara Sammons looks at making choices and how we are never stuck with those we made earlier in life.
Julie Parker gives us a deeply moving look at one woman’s search for more choices in “rebounding” from cancer and helping others do the same.


We have several profiles of local business women: Dawn Starks and her staff offer support and information on how to create a strong retirement income; Kimberly Hunter of Prolific Consulting supports and nurtures strong entrepreneurs in our community; we meet the very dynamic “cowgirls” at the Hart Law Firm; and two local farmers relate the importance of recognizing that their work truly is also a business.


Sara Stender tells us about the importance of building Social Entrepreneurship in developing nations such as Rwanda and other parts of Africa.


Our two monthly business columnists, Saralyn Collins and Sherri McLendon, offer great advice on how the budding or seasoned entrepreneur should approach the coming year to build a stronger, more resilient business.


And, as always, our other regular columnists present us with so many ideas from organizing our homes and offices to finding healthier alternatives to our favorite comfort foods.


Peggy Ratusz keeps us up to date on the music scene in WNC (Hendersonville specifically); on the literary scene Mary Ickes offers two book reviews from local authors; and three local poets present timely thoughts on winter and breathing through it all.


And I recently saw this website about how the media characterize women these days (the good, the bad and the truly ugly!) and think it deserves a second mention: therepresentationproject.org

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker