Poetry: January Thaw


By Joanne Meyer


Stars fell asleep
under the black velvet of night
while cold, winter air
scribbled silently on my window.


Snowflakes sought
the outstretched limbs of barren trees
as the wind whispered softly,
submitting to serenity.


Violins played
an obligato to the beat of two hearts
while a choir of angels’ voices
sang praises to God.


And Love was born.


Tenderness melted
the snow on the trees.
Heaven smiled
and awakened the stars.


The world was warm.



Joanne Meyer writes from her home in the Fines Creek community of Haywood County. She has written newspaper articles and feature stories and has been published in two anthologies: Paper Sailors, by members of the Greater Mount Dora (FL) Writers’ Guild, and Mountain Echoes, a publication by Mountain Writers of North Carolina. She may be contacted by email: joannemeyer@bellsouth.net.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker