Become a Business Magnet: How Charging Too Little and Giving Too Much Undervalues You


By Saralyn Collins


This will be an entirely too familiar picture to many of you reading this today.


As women we have been conditioned and are wired to nurture, to serve and to give. There is nothing wrong with that. This is a beautiful thing. And in many cases, that almost automatic reaction serves us well.


Become a business magnet!

Become a business magnet!

Until, like a fast growing weed, we overdo it and it starts to overwhelm us and undermine our efforts to create a powerful, successful business and a life filled with joy and passion.


This next statement is very important so read it carefully. Of course, when you read it, you will notice that this more often applies to people who offer services rather than people with product to sell. The problem is not exclusive to service oriented businesses but it is endemic among many of you in our area.


As a result people don’t value what you offer as highly as they should. And you will tend to attract people who care more about a bargain then about getting amazing results from you.


Sound familiar?


Some people undercharge because they fear that “people won’t be able to pay me more”. Can’t tell you how many times I have heard this from prospective and actual clients.


Who decided that people won’t pay you more?


If you are deciding what someone else can or can’t afford, what is really happening is:


• you are afraid you will lose a potential client if you “charge too much”;


• that fear causes you to give everything away, or;


• you are afraid your results aren’t valuable.


Coming from a place of fear rather than a place of powerful certainty that you can change that client’s life in some way will not attract your ideal clients because you are not owning and articulating your value.


That is so powerful, it bears repeating. This time when you’re reading it, think about what this says about the way YOU run your business. Does this apply to you?


Coming from a place of fear rather than a place of powerful certainty that you can change that client’s life or business in some way will not attract your ideal clients because you are not owning and articulating your value. Entirely too many of you charge less than the value you know you can bring to a client or customer. You offer a low monthly rate and work too many hours to help them completely transform their business or life.


You also often over-deliver. Again, over-delivering springs from fear—fear that your client won’t like you, recommend you or continue to work with you if you don’t give them everything they ask for and more.


Think of your ability to give and nurture as a well. If you keep pulling water out but no new water enters… you know what happens. The well runs dry! And just think about how you’re missing out on the joy and exhilaration of success with time available to live the life you want.


As long as you can articulate the value of what you offer and you get results that really are transforming you can start charging more.


People don’t pay for your time, they pay for results!


I teach all my clients that their main responsibility is always to deliver “results”. It does not matter what your particular area of expertise is – you must become a “result-producer.”


To get started honoring what you’re worth:


• Pay attention to how you justify undercharging and over-delivering. What story do you tell yourself that keeps you stuck? I can guarantee you those stories emanate from fear.


• Re-write the stories to come from a place of self-love, honoring your value, and proudly speaking about the results you can achieve.


• Tell yourself the new story. Imagine yourself living the new story every day. How would it feel?


• Create a new higher priced package, program or service and clearly articulate the results it gets and how it will change some aspect of your client’s life.


• Ask people to say yes.


Will it be scary? Probably. Will it take a bit of courage? Sure. Will the results be amazing? Absolutely.


You may not get a “yes” on the first try, but if you keep doing the above you will get a “yes.”



If you would like to move closer to getting paid what you are worth by asking for and getting that “yes”, contact Saralyn at [email protected] or 828-649-8011. Starting in January, the Biz Magnet lunch & learn’s will continue 3rd Thursday each month. You will make great connections and learn strategies to build value and get paid more!

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