The Healing Touch Of Laralyn Riverwind


By Raquel Monday


Not often does one meet someone so wonderfully special that they can only be described as an ‘earthly angel, a living miracle.’ Such was the case upon meeting Laralyn Riverwind; a Murphy, North Carolina woman so beautiful on the inside as well as the outside that you are left without words. Upon meeting Laralyn one cannot imagine the trials and tribulations that have been her life. With a Cherokee heritage steeped in native traditions and her father’s teachings, Laralyn is Owner/CEO of Native Touch – a Caribbean Native American/Veteran owned and operated business specializing in all natural, vegan friendly, and affordable skin care products. Laralyn is also an award winning recording and performing artist of The Blessed Blend – performing alongside her husband, Joseph Amahura Riverwind, a member of the Turabo Taino Indian Nation, President/ Owner of Native Touch and a U.S. Army Veteran.


RiverwindLaralyn spent much of her growing up years battling a skin condition that neither over-the-counter, prescription medicine, nor numerous trips to the dermatologist would clear up. It became a daily and painful struggle trying to keep it covered up from the curious stares of fellow classmates whom she felt were perhaps repulsed at the unsightly flaking of her skin. It beat down daily on her self-esteem and how she viewed herself. Traditional western medicine only added to the pain causing it to sting and bleed. This condition was difficult to hide once it appeared on her now flawless, beautiful face. Learning from her father’s teachings, she became his ‘gardening buddy’ where he nurtured her interest in the medicinal qualities of the plants in their garden, such as the aloes. With a deep-seated interest in Science she pursued her undergraduate studies in biology at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia with hopes of furthering that interest in the medical field. However, due to family reasons and with the passage of time, she became disillusioned and left medical school.


Remembering her father’s teachings, Laralyn medically researched four essential plants online and combined them into a self-made moisturizing rub. She proceeded to apply this rub onto her dry, painful skin and saw immediate results. There was no stinging or bleeding and it brought about a level of comfort she had not experienced before. Realizing that this rub did what none of the prescribed, OTC’s, and dermatologists had been able to accomplish, she proceeded to continue using her self-made rub to clear up her skin condition which is exactly what it did.


Friends and family were so taken with the amazing results that they began asking for a sample of her rub. As with any undertaking, prayer is essential, and Laralyn prayed that this is what Creator wanted her to do. Spirituality is very important in the native culture and nothing should be done without first spending time in prayer.


As Laralyn stated, “We are all spiritual beings and as stated in the bible, all good things come from above.”
Aside from being born with a skin condition and a genetic heart/lung disease (which mysteriously and miraculously disappeared after being prayed over by her church elders in the name of Jesus), Laralyns’ life has been one filled with life and death experiences such as the time when she fell off a cliff as a child while living on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona. Had it not been for the quick thinking of her father who managed to catch her by the arm, she might not have been with us today to tell her incredible story. On another occasion, she was struck by lightning and while doing missionary work twice overseas she was almost kidnapped. During a time when she was growing up in the Marshall Islands, Laralyn was the first person to escape the grasp of a serial killer who had previously killed 12 other women in that area. Despite all that she has endured and survived, Laralyn praises and gives all glory and honor to Creator who has seen her through and brought her to this point in her life.


Through the encouragement of friends and family she had found something, through Creator’s guidance, that not only proved beneficial to her but has already proven beneficial to many others suffering from the same skin condition and excessively dry, flaky skin. It was through their encouragement and with the help of her husband that she proceeded to market her moisturizing rub now known as Rooting Bear Rub. With a deep, unselfish desire to help others, she began introducing the rub along with other self-made all natural, vegan skin care products on the Pow Wow circuit. She and her husband realized they were on to something extraordinary when their products were received with an overwhelming positive response. It was now time to go to the next level.


One cannot speak of Laralyn without mentioning her incredible desire to help others, to bring comfort to them. Whether it is in using her products or listening to music from The Blessed Blend, it is all meant to be experienced in a serene, loving, nurturing environment bringing peace; mentally, physically and spiritually. She says, “Marketing her products provides her with a wonderful outlet to help others.” Laralyn hopes to one day be able to provide her moisturizing products to our military heroes overseas who endure such extreme heat and harsh weather conditions; to branch out into the desert southwest region of our country where laboring hands could always use a gentle touch from mother nature. To help others is the motivating factor behind Laralyn, to make life less painful for others.


When asked what sort of advice she would impart to other women seeking a similar path, Laralyns’ advice was simply this, “First seek the Spiritual Aspect with Creator. Pray about it. If He wishes for you to do it, dedicate your all to Him; Second, get to know the Entrepreneurial Community, seek the ‘Experts’; and Third, Do it for a higher cause, not for monetary gain. To do it for money is not a good enough reason. Do it for something you believe in. Remain honorable in what you do. The most important thing with Creator is humility.”


A living miracle, an earthly angel, a most humble and endearing soul, the healing touch of Laralyn Riverwind is manifested in every aspect of her life. She has turned a bad situation around, found things that worked for the better, created successful alliances, and now her dreams of healing and comfort are benefitting all who try her products. Whatever obstacles life has dealt her she has come through like a shining beacon for others to follow. All the while with Creator at her side, it is little wonder that all she does is first taken to Creator in prayer. As Laralyn states, “Medicine did not incur in plants. Creator instilled the medicine in plants to take care of us.”



Raquel Monday is an Award-winning Author of three published genre-bending books, Visual Artist, Tribal Member of The Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas and Spanish Translator of the tribe’s website. To learn more, go to She was also recently selected to participate in AdvantageWest’s Rural Jobs Accelerator aimed at growing innovative, high-impact ventures in nature-based businesses.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker