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By Ines Clark


Journey into Healing – Reflecting from the Heart


All we had was a vision, inspiration and a purpose when we started our journey into healing more than two years ago. We, that is me, my husband and our then seven-years-old son. Our vision to create The Salt Spa of Asheville, a beautiful healing center became reality in September 2011, when we found the location where our journey would truly begin.


Salt Spa Sanctuary

Salt Spa Sanctuary

The unfolding building process was quite an experience and challenged me more than once. I had to learn how to deal with difficulties constructively. It got easier once I surrendered into the flow until two weeks before the opening of our Himalayan Salt Spa and Salt Gift Shop when a close friend suddenly passed away of cancer, leaving two young children and her husband behind. Grieving and finishing our project at the same time was almost more than we could bear. We had to remind ourselves of our purpose to go on.


Then came December 8, 2011… After months of building and creating The Salt Spa of Asheville we turned the key for the first time to invite you in. Over time, something very precious was unfolding. We began to witness how the salt spa took others on a journey of their own healing and transformation. We understood that the healing of others and the healing of ourselves are inseparable.


On this journey we have become more appreciative of the woman who developed Halotherapy. Professor Chervinskaya, M.D., PhD. is a European pulmonary physician devoted to finding natural healing methods that support people’s health, especially the respiratory system. After all, breath is life. In the 1980’s, she gathered a team of scientists to study the microclimate of natural salt mines, which have been used for respiratory therapy since the 1800’s. Professor Chervinskaya wanted to re-create this healing microclimate, so her patients could benefit from it regularly. The mines consist of a small amount of dry salt particles saturating the air and an abundance of negative air ions. Her team worked tirelessly to re-create the salt microclimate of underground mines until they succeeded.


Since the early 1990’s this therapy has helped hundreds of thousands of people to feel better. Professor Chervinskaya named this method Halotherapy—breathing dry salt particles, cleansing the respiratory system while reducing inflammation, bacteria and mucus along with strengthening lung function and the immune system.


Because of how these micron size dry salt particles are being produced, Halotherapy has a much more profound therapeutic effect than salt water mist and is also safer. Halotherapy is a brilliant combination of healing and relaxation and is a safe, drug-free, natural and effective way to find relief from respiratory ailments like allergies, asthma, bronchitis, COPD, cystic fibrosis and more, including skin conditions.


Our purpose is to help people to feel at their best and we always wanted to integrate other natural therapies into our spa. We are immensely excited to expand our services at the beginning of December/January. We will include compelling healing therapies and are blessed to work with talented healers bringing their gifts to you. Our stunning, totally unique salt healing room surrounded by millions of Himalayan salt crystals on walls and floor will significantly deepen your healing experience. Something to look forward to!


Lastly but most importantly, we would like to express our deepest thanks to those people we have formed wonderful relationships with and for giving us support and trust over the past two years. This is something to celebrate. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.



The Salt Spa of Asheville – Halotherapy Center and Salt Gift Shop, 473 Hendersonville Rd. For more infomation, call (828) 505 1838 or visit

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker