Dancing For Peace And Home


By Elisha Lee


Dancing brings out the peace that seems so elusive during the majority of my days.That here and now, that constant movement of expression and creativity aids in my inner peace.


I feel at peace dancing alone or in a club, but there is a driving force behind taking dance classes and being a part of a troupe. The dynamics of a group of women who are all in a room together from all walks of life and spanning many decades is one of unity and joy. Each woman carries the weight of the world on her shoulders by day, facing their inner demons and external forces, has a chance to let go and embrace the ever so precious present.




There’s magic in a room when eleven women flow in the present. This is a space where true healing exists. A space where self reflection and self knowledge hold precedence over any issues that life may be dealing them.


It’s a place of comfort. There’s encouragement and teamwork within the classes that continually flows out of the dance room and into our lives. We are aware of our blessings – we all have the time to practice our routines, to get all dressed up, and to entertain a crowd, and we know not everyone has a chance to do this.


But that isn’t enough. Christine, our troupe’s leader, believes we are in a position to shine light on issues facing our community. To use our platform to not only entertain the audience, but also mirror to all women to love and appreciate their bodies exactly as they are, and value everything their bodies do on a daily basis.


Beyond that, for each show we put on as the troupe Les Femmes Mystique, we donate to a non-profit in the community that we support. Our next show in December will donate proceeds to Homeward Bound’s Room in the Inn. This is an incredible place for women facing homelessness to regroup, regain their power and heal. It is supported by a staff of caring and competent individuals whom encourage these women to get back on the stage of life and dance again. For more information or to donate, click here.


Our holiday show is taking place at LAB in Asheville on December 6th (tickets can be purchased here). In shining our lights and spreading some good cheer, we hope to bring to light that within our community here in WNC, there are so many who need a little extra help and love throughout the year, and especially during the holiday season.



Elisha Lee is just a woman trying to find the balance in life while trying to inspire others to do the same. 828-424-2287

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker