The Women of WNCW 88.7 FM: Stephanie Webb


Name: Stephanie Webb


Job Title and Description: Station Marketing Coordinator – I coordinate the station’s marketing campaigns, website, events and volunteers/interns.


Stephanie Webb

Stephanie Webb

What did your journey to this job look like?


After graduating from Gardner-Webb University with degrees in Communications and Religion, I worked as a Development Assistant at another local nonprofit before being hired in 2008 as WNCW’s Membership Services Coordinator. In 2011, I took on the role of Station Marketing Coordinator (a newly created position) to give more focused attention to certain needs of the station.


Do you have a musician that is your favorite or that you think others should know about?


I don’t have any particular favorite right now, I just enjoy a blend of music.


What makes working at WNCW special?


Being able to interact with listeners, members, volunteers, and business supporters is what makes being part of WNCW special to me. The community that makes up WNCW is unique and special.


What part of your career makes you feel the most inspired?


Listeners inspire me when they send in testimonials of how they started listening to the station or what they go through to continue listening when they are not in the area. Again, I come back to the community. The listeners and supporters are who inspire me the most about what we’re doing here at WNCW.


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Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker