The Women of WNCW 88.7 FM: Sarah Benedict


Name: Sarah Benedict


Job Title and Description: Membership Assistant, I process our donations that come in for Membership and provide support for the business side of the station.


Sarah Benedict

Sarah Benedict

What did your journey to this job look like?


I was a few months from finishing grad school and I was applying for jobs in the area but not having any luck. I got a call from WNCW, which I had never heard of, and they wanted to interview me! I had no idea what WNCW was, but honestly I didn’t care because I had a job interview! I found out later that the station got my resume from a position I applied for but did not get, so I think it was the plan for me to be here all along!


Do you have a musician that is your favorite or that you think others should know about?


One of my favorite musicians is a Christian musician named Mandisa. I am inspired by her honesty about her struggles and her passion to live for Christ that is reflected in her music. Her music is also encouraging and uplifting. She is definitely a role model for all women.


What makes working at WNCW special?


I think the people that work here make it special! Everyone here feels like family. I have made great friends while working at the station. Also, WNCW is a very unique radio station and I think the fact there is not another radio station like it makes it even more special to be a part of this team.


What part of your career makes you feel the most inspired?


I am inspired by so many people! I am inspired by the DJ’s passion and knowledge about the music they play, our dedicated volunteers who will do anything and everything because they love the station, our staff who work 80 or more hours a week, twice a year to make sure our Pledge Drives are successful, and lastly our Members who believe in the station so much that they donate so we can stay on the air.


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