The Women of WNCW 88.7 FM: Carol Rifkin


Name: Carol Rifkin


Job Title and Description: Co-host/producer of “This Old Porch,” Sundays 3-6 p.m.


What did your journey to this job look like?


I have spent most of my life in traditional music and dance, performing, playing, producing, writing for national magazines (Acoustic Guitar, Sing Out, more, newspapers, (more than 1,000 stories published). When Joe Kendrick invited me to guest on “What it Is” and Martin Anderson invited me to be a DJ, it just seemed like a natural next step. Dennis Jones is a great teacher and i am fortunate to have trained on radio under him. Dave Kesterson too.


Carol Rifkin

Carol Rifkin

Do you have a musician that is your favorite or that you think others should know about?


It’s natural for me to be excited about a song or musician, I love it, my favorite is always the last great song or performer I heard, that I am excited about and want to share. There’s always a great song or musician out there, it’s about being able to recognize it and know that it’s great. I love that part of it.


What makes working at WNCW special?


WNCW has always meant quality, great music and staff.


What part of your career makes you feel the most inspired?


Learning great music and sharing it. Putting it together as a great performance, song, dance, story or radio show.


Do you have any advice as a woman for a woman?


Hmm. Be loving and kind. Look for the good. It’s not about you. Stay focused on the end goal or specific target. Don’t gossip. ever. Or be dragged under by it. Be happy for everyone’s success. Women working together in positive ways empower each other.


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Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker