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My Craft of Chiropractic


Have you ever wondered why every chiropractor is so different? That is the art of what we do! I always knew I would have a career in health care. I started down the path to health care when I decided to pursue Pharmacy. However, an event happened that changed my direction and ignited my true passion. A friend suffered a fatal allergic reaction to an asthma inhaler. This event made me question western medicine and my career. I did not know if I wanted to dispense medication for a living.


Nicole D’Ippolito

Nicole D’Ippolito

Frustrated, confused and uncertain about my future career I continued on this path despite my reservations. Fortunately, I do believe in angels, and I happened to meet one while I was at my lowest point. This angel was a chiropractor who opened my eyes. I remember asking him, “What do chiropractors do? Don’t you crack backs?” He lovingly took the time to share with me the true meaning of his craft of chiropractic. He explained to me that chiropractor’s use their hands to align the bones of the spine. In doing this, any tension on muscles, ligaments, discs and bones can be removed thus allowing the brain to communicate to the body more efficiently. He further explained when properly aligned the body can heal itself and so there is less need for medication and surgery.


A way to use your hands to help a person heal naturally! LIGHTBULB! YES! This is what I wanted to do for a living! And here I am. Since 2001 I have owned and operated D’Ippolito Chiropractic, Massage & Beautiful Image in South Asheville. Everyone that knows me understands that I am extremely passionate about being a chiropractor. This is not just a job. I have decided to make it my purpose, my mission, my passion in life to help people heal naturally and inspire them to take action in their own wellbeing. I am motivated by this mission in hopes that there will be less prescription drug use, drug interactions and unnecessary deaths. What excites me about my craft of chiropractic is that I treat each person like a unique masterpiece! I am the artist that helps guide and mold the patient toward a more natural way of living and healing through our services of chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, nutrition, weight loss programs and anti-aging treatments. Like the tools used to create artwork, our services can do wonders!


And what an amazing experience it is to witness a person blossom into a more vibrant, healthful individual that is empowered and takes responsibility of their health. There is nothing more rewarding in life than this! I know that I am serving my purpose everyday and that this community and ultimately this world will be a healthier place because of my craft of chiropractic!



D’Ippolito Chiropractic, Massage and Beautiful Image

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker