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Cultivating the Wild Woman


As a tribe builder and self-taught artist and writer, it’s Lisa Rough’s ongoing, ever-evolving vision to awaken women to their WILD, creative side, so that they are able to regard each moment as empowered and miraculous. And so she gathers in circle most weekend afternoons throughout the year with her wild sisters, providing playful artistic explorations, journaling adventures, yoga for every body, opportunities for profound connection, deep spiritual nourishment, and an objective, listening ear.


Lisa Rough of Sacred Circle

Lisa Rough of Sacred Circle

Jennifer Flanagan, who has traveled up from Mocksville every month for the last two years in a row to be a part of the Wild Woman circles says, “What makes Lisa unique is that she’s boldly unapologetic about being a work in progress herself. She rolls up her sleeves and gets real as she reaches out to other women to acknowledge their creativity and beauty in the world and invites them to take up space. I cannot imagine my life without this woman, all the wonderful changes and inklings she has helped me bring to the surface, this new life I lead that comes from my heart.”


Lisa’s year-long Wild Woman Inner Circle focuses mostly on empowering women through creativity. There are many women out there who won’t dare to pick up a crayon or paintbrush for fear of not being good enough or of doing it all wrong. They were taught to believe that creativity is an elusive talent, one that is born to the lucky few from an artistic gene pool or years and thousands of dollars invested in art school. But Lisa believes that when we approach life with such a limited story of what it means to be creative, we belittle the parts of ourselves that have the power to make meaning, bring about positive change, fully inhabit our lives, and trust in our own sovereignty.


While it’s almost unheard of not to fiddle with fingerpaints or play with clay in one of Lisa’s circles, she also strongly believes it’s not simply about being creative with our hands, but that it’s about building a life that reflects our deepest values, honors our voice as women, and inspires us to be all that we envision for ourselves…. And thus, this past year, the Wild Woman Wellness Tribe was born.


Two years ago, after watching her in-laws struggle with heart disease and having chronic digestive pain herself, Lisa began her own journey toward wellness, and over time, she went from being a clinically obese couch potato to a triathlete, having completed the Iron Girl Atlanta in May of 2012. But truthfully, that was just the icing on the cake …


What really wound up happening is that she befriended her body again after years of self-doubt and senseless dieting. She started to believe in herself and what she was capable of, and reclaimed moxie that she had forgotten she had. This led to huge shifts in her business, her writing, her art, and her parenting.


What Lisa has to offer is a strong sense of who she is along with the experiences she has collected throughout her life…. she has a master’s in counseling and psychology with a heavy focus on wholistic health and expressive arts; she’s worked with troubled youth in inner city Boston, and has taught years of outdoor education; she’s a certified yoga teacher and budding author; and she’s cultivated oodles of compassion and humor from being a stay-at-home mom. Her story has created a rich landscape from which to live with enormous regard for life, immeasurable joy, and the anticipation of more possibilities around the next bend.



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Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker