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It looks like our readers really enjoyed our August issue. We’re always glad to get feedback, and it’s even better when it’s so positive. In this issue, we have letters from Dennis Kabasan, Annie Long and Child Abuse Prevention Services’ Bill McGuire. Keep those letters coming!




What a great issue!


Laura Ellis Rides Peru, The Literary Council, The Genesis Alliance, MAHEC and Tina Owen, Stephanie Morgan and Peggy Ratusz, and more … And, what a great ad for the Child Advocacy Classic golf tournament fundraiser August 22 at Etowah to benefit Child Abuse Prevention Services, Inc.




Bill McGuire, (Director, CAPS)




I’d like to congratulate and thank you for such a marvelous magazine. I realize that it is written primarily by women, for women but I read every issue that I come across. There are certainly topics and issues that are only for women but many of the articles and stories could be read and appreciated by men. In particular, I believe that connecting with our true inner self or facing that part of us that we try to ignore or hide, is the only way to truly achieve wholeness of spirit. For me, this is not a woman’s issue. It should be everyone’s issue.


Thank you again for this wonderful publication.


Dennis Kabasan, Asheville, NC




To the Editor,


I would like to repeat the words of Sidney Powell of the Genesis Alliance in last month’s article by Beth Browne. “… women and children are beaten and killed every day by men … Our society is dangerously misogynistic. We’ve got a helluva of lot of work to do.” These are some of the most truly radical words I’ve read in your publication over the years. To reverse the idea of the writer [Jeanne Charters] who assigned female characteristics to the disease of cancer, I’d like to name the insidious, relentless, hateful abuse and murder of women which is fundamental to Patriarchy as a toxic and fatal disease.


In an effort to get ‘inoculated’ and continue our much needed recovery, I encourage every woman reading these words to show up for the Sept. 26 screening of MISS-Representation at the Carolina Cinemas, arranged by the Genesis Alliance. Raising our consciousness is crucial to changing the world we live in, where murdering and torturing women is presented as mainstream entertainment. If you think this is hyperbole, I invite you to tune into network television any night of any week.


In Solidarity,


Annie Long




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Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker