Ernest Clement: Thinker & Author


By Hannah Desmond


“The fellowship of mankind awakens, radically shifting our political, social and economic systems.” The Book of Ernest


I went to Jupiter North Carolina to speak with Ernest Clement about his life and the book he spent fourteen years writing, The Book Of Ernest. I found a Southern gentleman living in a beautiful log house with his wife of many years, Lois, and their two dogs, Sophia and Orion. Ernest retired a few years ago after thirty years working in a government job in a capacity that gave him invaluable experience serving the invisible poor.


ErnestThere is a warmth of spirit which emanates from Ernest and a slow and steady cadence to his voice as he speaks about his wife: “Lois has been the greatest catalyst for personal growth in my life.” His relationship with Lois opened his eyes to the divine feminine and the need, in our contemporary civilization, to honor and nurture the gifts of the feminine.


As we sipped herbal tea, Ernest explained, “for all the hue and cry over how we should encourage families, our laws and current cultural environment make it very difficult for thinking, educated women to bear children. The feminine energy is absolutely foundational to building any lasting civilization. Currently, we are failing at the task. We are too concerned with wars and threats of wars and the corporate profits accruing from those wars to make real progress towards helping women assume their place of power in society. Although, the fact that we have recently begun electing more women as Senators in our Congress is a source of great hope.”


As we were discussing how society’s attitudes towards women are changing, Ernest mentioned he had recently read Jack Kerouac’s book, On the Road. This was the first time he read the book and found it to have passages of real eloquence, but he thought it was woefully dated as a guide to how we should treat women. America has actually come a long way from the attitudes and mores of the 40’s and 50’s. However, there are those in America who still cling to the patriarchal views of the last century in their attitude of power over women and their fear of the feminine perspectives that so freely nurture life.


“At the grassroots level, our feminine energy is surging. Increasingly, we see the amassing of strong voices insisting on life and balance. We are perfect creations having a material experience here at the beginning of our training to be co-creators with God.” Ernest’s statement affirms we are in the process of developing our ability to create a world where men and women are equal, where children are treasured and nature is appreciated and sustained.


Ernest believes there are two handbooks on how to proceed in this new millennium as we come into alignment with our divine selves. He focused on these two books that have been pivotal in his life, The Urantia Book, published in 1955 and The Course in Miracles, published in 1976.


At the age of twenty-two, while studying at the University of Alabama, Ernest knew that he had a book to write that would help people know God. He was thirty-one before he discovered The Urantia Book and realized this was the information and guidance he had been waiting for. The Urantia Book offers a new cosmic view of reality and our spiritual evolutionary experience and an authoritative account of the life and teachings of Jesus. It is an interesting book and not one for the faint of heart. Ernest delved into this scholarly and wordy tomb knowing that the answers he had been seeking were contained within.


In 1981 he discovered The Course in Miracles, a three volume masterful combination of metaphysical, spiritual and psychological concepts with a focus on forgiveness and salvation. By 1990 he began to gain a real comprehension of The Course in Miracles. In 1997, after many years of study, he began to write The Book Of Ernest based on the teachings in these two important and life changing documents.


Taking the 2000 page Urantia Book and condensing the teachings into an accessible and palatable form, he applied the lessons of the Urantia Book and The Course in Miracles to today’s confusing and contentious world. He was fifty-two years old when he began writing his book. Fourteen years later, having captured the rich and complex moral narrative of the Urantia Book and the deeper metaphysical concepts of the Course in Miracles, The Book Of Ernest was published.


Ernest felt his mission was complete. He has created a book that takes readers on a journey through the universe of universes, revealing the truth of our origin, planetary history, why we are here, and the immense organization of loving support for our awakening. We are introduced to the history of our world from an eternal celestial perspective. In reading it, we are given the tools to understand who we really are in terms of our creation, body, soul personality, spirit and destiny. Included in the book is Ernest’s personal story of his own awakening and information on the world of finances and politics today as it relates to the greater perspectives gained through the Urantia Book and the Course in Miracles.


During the years Ernest was writing his book, he and his wife had two young children, and full time jobs. I was curious as to how a man with such responsibilities in the world had the time to create a book as in-depth, on so many levels, as The Book Of Ernest. He explained: “I spent decades studying politics, economics and spirituality so when I began to write it was a sequential activity. I knew what I was going to do, how I was going to do it, and how it was going to end. I did not rewrite. It was difficult but I was doing what divinity had led me to do. I credit angelic assistance and my ability to quiet my mind, focus and go forward.”


Following the world of politics and economics diligently, Ernest has grave reservations about all he reads in mainstream media. He believes the current mindset of a great many Americans is a collective state of delusion, especially regarding our current wars and the need for more war, and this is reinforced and reflected back to us by the media. “I follow, particularly, the financial news. We are in a state of debt crisis for having a century’s worth of experience creating our money out of debt for which we owe someone interest. I have an extensive discussion of how we create money in my book that I believe will be a delight and illumination for many readers.”


Ernest and Lois, a retired professional educator, spend their time enjoying nature, cultivating their organic garden and having leisurely visits with friends and family. Their son, Christopher, is a PhD candidate in ecological economics at the University of Vermont in Burlington. Their daughter, Eva, is a local attorney in Asheville.


Ernest is an avid blogger and public speaker. He welcomes opportunities to talk with groups and individuals. His paperbound book and ebook are available from his website, Locally, his book is available from independent bookstores, Malaprop’s, Grateful Steps and Accent on Books, in Asheville and from City Lights Bookstore in Sylva. He invites you to communicate directly with him at



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