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In the past century, perhaps the most significant human accomplishment has been to increase human life expectancy by several decades. As a result of improvements in technology, nutrition, medicine and public health, many people are now able to live into their eighth, ninth or even tenth decade of life. While we can all appreciate the extra time, there is still room to improve on the quality of life in old age.


ThomasSternThomas P. Stern founded AV.E Health, LLC with the goal of improving the quality of life, health, and wellness of Elders and their caregivers through person-centered Assisted Vacation. He began planning for this mission while caring for two of his grandparents who had Alzheimer’s disease. AV.E Health provides skilled, caring staff to accompany guests on vacation and can plan every logistical aspect of vacation for clients who require support.


In his Big Think, Disruptive Demographics, blog “Innovation & the Future of Aging Services,” Dr. Joe Coughlin, Director of the MIT AgeLab, notes that, “The next generation of old – the baby boomers – have great expectations to live longer, better. This includes services made for them, delivery strategies that fit their desired lifestyles in old age and care options that meet their wants as well as their needs.” AV.E Health addresses the wants and needs of this growing demographic with Assisted Vacation, for those who value the quality of life that family vacation provides.


AV.E Health Assisted Vacations are unique because staff provides guests with nearly any support that they require on vacation, such as: personal care, medication management, Alzheimer’s activities, 24/7 supervision, incontinence care, assistance with mobility, and generally any support guests require. “The most important aspect of our organization is our team members,” says Thomas Stern. He notes that, “we engage and train diverse health professionals from registered nurses and therapists to social workers, to provide our guests with an exceptional Assisted Vacation experience.”


Person-Centered Assisted Vacations


Groups: AV.E Health serves assisted living and retirement communities with group Assisted Vacations and organizes every aspect of the trip to the criteria of the group. Group Assisted Vacations are staffed by AV.E team members who have diverse health and travel experience. Generally, every group trip will have at least one Registered Nurse (RN) present.


Families: An Assisted Vacation is a great way to allow every family member to be included in the memories made on vacation. AV.E team members support guests at family occasions such as weddings, reunions and family travel.


Singles: For those guests who wish to travel alone, AV.E provides a one-on-one travel companion to assist with wellness needs and to serve as a tour guide.


Trip of a Lifetime: AV.E Health supports guests who are in hospice or near the end of life on the trip of a lifetime. Perhaps you have always wanted to see the Eiffel tower or visit Hawaii. AV.E services help individuals and their families benefit from a “bucket-list” vacation to any destination imaginable. Team members support those with limited or no mobility and provide continuity in pain management regimens.



With headquarters in Asheville, NC and Nice, France, AV.E Health provides services to guests in North America, Europe and nearly any destination in between.


AV.E Health is pleased to introduce a series of Group Assisted Vacations to Paris, France beginning Thanksgiving, 2013.


Visit to learn more or call 828-273-4323.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker