Meet Our Advertisers: Talking with Cheri Wagner, Medical Herbalist


By R. H. Binder


The Prostate: How can such a little gland cause such Big Problems?


“Men’s health is so important to me – Prostate Cancer knowledge is critical to all men. It is also critical for their partners as they join them in this potential journey.” Cheri Wagner began our discussion addressing one of the most important issues to her in her practice: men’s health. In 25 years as a medical herbalist, many years of her practice have been as an on-site herbal oncologist. She comes with a battery of tools and knowledge for handling men’s issues that begins just watching them walk through her office door. Additionally she is able to work with (generally welcomed by) their urologist, oncologist, wife, or partners.



“I really love helping men adopt a healthy strategy to maintaining prostate health.”


Why? Because they:


1. Really appreciate a ‘tailored’ and individual approach concerning their health concerns.


2. Are very dedicated.


3. Thrive on the results and are interested in the latest science and research.


4. Are empowered when seeing transformation of themselves. Who wouldn’t love part of a prescription to be outdoors more often?


Cheri’s advanced studies and an oncology internship provided her an opportunity to work with herbal oncology specialists. She witnessed healing that transformed men in all stages of prostate cancer. Cheri spent over 10 years in collaboration with Master Herbalist and Nutritionist Donald Yance, author of Herbal Medicine Healing and Cancer, one of the most widely acclaimed practitioners of herbal medicine for cancer in America.


“Of all the cancers I have worked with, prostate cancer can be the most simple and gratifying experience. My work is revolutionary because I incorporate highly documented and substantiated botanicals and supplements and am able to work with your doctor to make available the latest tests and monitoring techniques. There are many different approaches to radioactive seeding, prostatectomy, and hormonal drug therapy.”


The jury is still out on radiation for early intervention


According to a study funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) researchers from Tufts University, “There’s little evidence to say definitely whether treating early, localized prostate cancer with radiation is a better option than watchful waiting.”


Hormonal intervention


There are new hormonal drugs now available instead of the standard treatment, Lupron. However, hormonal drugs, while suppressing cancer-causing hormones, can cause the cancer to convert other hormones (androgens) and the state known as ‘refractory’ occurs making the cancer even more aggressive and harder to fight.


The importance of assessing pathological markers


A number of molecular and cellular changes associated with the malignant progression of cancer are identifiable, and should be used as markers for metastatic ability of histological localized prostate cancer cells. In-depth studies into the biological characteristics of the cancer can reveal “the IQ of the cancer” which can help in the use of better targeted therapies.


You will find Cheri “dedicated through the research, colleagues and mentors including: Yance, Oncologist and Hematologist Dr. Dwight McKee, and Dr. Andrew Weil who has take botanicals into numerous medical schools and oncology departments, specifically to bring this information forward and to hasten natural interventions.


In additional to working with men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, Cheri works with male clients on prevention. “Prevention is always a far healthier approach and there are easy-to-use herbs and botanicals that can encourage lifelong prostate health. My favorite client is interested in prevention and implementation of the latest findings and clinical research to remain healthy.”


The most important thing men and their partners need to keep in mind is this: “Nearly all men in the course of their lifetimes will experience a health issue relating to the prostate; many, if they live long enough, have a good chance of it becoming prostate cancer. Taking action today can improve prostate health and benefit heart, kidneys, liver, cholesterol, blood sugar, mood, and weight loss.”



Medical Herbalist Cheri Wagner can be reached through her website: Phone: 828-254-0123. Email For additional background, refer to this October 2012 WNC Woman article.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker