Women, Spirit & Money – Honoring Our Mothers: Right Relationship with Money


By Sherri L. McLendon


How the Feminine Principle of Reciprocity Teaches Women to ‘Release to Receive’ When Practicing Mindfulness in Marketing


When offering our clients a gift of our making, whether paid or free, our goals are often framed in terms of “engagement” and “return on investment.” Given such parameters, it’s often easy to think of the marketing around that offer from the old, projective “masculine” view of marketing. If a conscious, holistic entrepreneurial woman forgets the sacred, divine feminine role of reciprocity in a fair transaction in favor of this more masculine view, she may find her objectives falling short, and her vision obscured.


Instead, this Mother’s Day, let’s honor the archetypal legacy of Juno Moneta, the ancient Roman mother goddess of money, prosperity and abundance. How better to honor our own mothers, and the sacrifices of their generations, than through a cultivation of right relationship with feminine economy? In so doing, we can learn how the feminine Principle of Reciprocity teaches women to ‘release to receive’ when practicing mindfulness in marketing their businesses. In our mothers’ honor, we create a new legacy of sustainable economy for future generations of women.


In the emergent, receptive “feminine” view of marketing, we need an understanding of the cycle of related reciprocity – and ways we can actively initiate this cycle to increase prosperity and abundance. The Principle of Reciprocity allows us to see giving to others as a gift we give to ourselves.


One of the best discussions of reciprocity related to women, work, and money I’ve ever encountered is in a 1981 essay from the book Woman, Earth, and Spirit, by Helen Luke. She describes the feminine aspect of the flow of money as “free giving and free taking” in equal proportions. She writes: “In every money exchange, we both earn and pay, pay and earn, then our earning and paying become the free giving and free taking whereby money enters the ‘temple’ once more … in the pure gold of the human heart.”


Heart-centered business leaders know that in order to give and take freely, ulterior motives and manipulation cannot have a place in the exchange between us and our clients. We know to communicate honestly from the core values that make up the essence of who we are. We know we must come from a sincere place of service, and offer an experience of transformation. We know that the body is a metaphor for the ‘temple’ of yore, and that the natural relationship model at the cellular level is one of reciprocal exchange. We draw our strength from this knowing – or, as the goddess Moneta would remind us, this remembering.


Once we re-member the feminine Principle of Reciprocity, we must determine how best to initiate and continually activate our intention to heighten the level at which we receive. The most direct way to engage these energies of reciprocity is to engage in Conscious Acts of Releasing.


The act of releasing creates new room to grow. Think of removing clutter from one’s house, money clutter from one’s financial life, or even relationship clutter. Where there is clutter, there is inequity in the cycle of give and take. The removal of clutter in our mundane world frees up a lot of energy, increases flow and reciprocity, and creates space for the growth we desire to occur. In women’s business, too often this clutter takes the form of barter or trade, antithetical to the creation of a prosperous life. Releasing barter or trade as forms of energetic money clutter, and receiving money as a form of reciprocation for one’s work, is an important first step toward growing a prosperous life grounded in one’s soul’s purpose.


To increase sustainable abundance, it helps to re-member that when we release something not in alignment with our soul’s purpose, it also clears space for us to manifest abundance in our lives through increased happiness, love and joy. When we remember that money is a symbol for the divine flow of these qualities in our lives, it becomes possible to increase our potential for manifestation by releasing those things we cling to not in service to our potentiality. When we re-member that what we focus on, grows, we realize that we must release the old paradigm’s outmoded ideas of denial and self-sacrifice as a source of strength, and instead give ourselves permission to answer our heart’s calling.



McLendonSherri L. McLendon, MA, owns and operates Professional Moneta International specializing in helping exceptional entrepreneurs with a higher calling accelerate their moneymaking communication strategies and deepen their mindfulness practices in business so they can help more people, grow personally and professionally, and improve their sense of value and worth.

Written by Sherri McLendon