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CORRECTION: This is a double Oops! I forgot to make a note last month of a mistake: In Georganne Spruce’s article in March we changed a sentence that read she was “put off” to “repulsed.” Our apologies for choosing a word the author considers to be a much stronger negative response than the original. You can read her entire, corrected, here.





Dear Jeanne (Charters),


I’m quite overwhelmed by your kind words in the latest issue of WNC Woman, Jeanne. It seems that Philip’s passing has touched so many people, and if anyone has been helped by my journal to bear the pain of this kind of a loss, I will be glad. But not even knowing me, and writing such a lovely, glowing piece! Oh my! I’m so glad I wrote about Philip in the Men’s issue this past year. You and I are sisters of the pen, and as humans, we are sisters of both suffering and joy! Thank you for taking the time to see past my suffering to the joy and the strength that we have when we join one another in love.


In peace and gratitude,
Judith Toy, resident pastor
Cloud Cottage Community of Mindful Living





I wanted to express my delight in looking forward to your publication each and every month. Every month I sit down and read it cover to cover. As a retired nurse practitioner, I particularly enjoy Maureen (McDonnell) Hanson’s articles pertaining to health. The articles are always timely and very well researched. I am always learning something new and tweaking my own life in some way to better my own health.



Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker