Meet Our Advertisers: Diana King of Edible Arrangements


By Nancetta Liles


Imagine opening your front door to an arrangement that resembles a whimsical floral bouquet – only each part is edible. You see a lovely collection of luscious, fresh fruit, hand-shaped and individually prepared just for you. Diana King brought this new concept to WNC in 2005. She is the owner of Edible Arrangements

Diana King of Edible Arrangements.

Diana King of Edible Arrangements.

located in Asheville. The fruit is so fresh that it necessitates each array be hand delivered to assure it is received by the recipient at its best.


Diana had a successful career in the computer industry before moving to Asheville from Connecticut to work in an administrative capacity in construction. Finding the new position less rewarding than she had hoped, she decided to invest in a business that would allow her to express her creativity and desire to make people happy. She was first introduced to the Edible Arrangement franchise while in New England, and became immediately enthralled with the idea of opening her own store. After some heavy duty research and calculating, she was on her way.


To those who know her, it wasn’t a surprise that she take such a bold step of opening a new business in an area where the idea was new and untested.


Diana King comes from a line of determined women. Her maternal grandmother earned a Masters Degree at a time when women rarely finished high school. She taught college level English while raising her family, and passed her inner resolve down to Diana’s mother. Born in Mobile, Alabama, she moved around the South with her mother and sister until they settled in New England in 1979.


Diana and her older sister were raised by her mother who is also a successful businesswoman. Divorced when her children were young, she persevered and held them to the high expectations instilled in her by her own mother. Diana recalls her mother and her grandmother saying, “to always make sure you are happy in all you do – or make a change that can bring you what you want out of life.” And that’s what Diana has done through Edible Arrangements. Each day she goes to work with the goal of making people happy with gorgeous and artfully prepared arrangements. The fruit is healthy as well as beautiful, and she enjoys the energy of her talented staff who work alongside her.


Recently Diana stood at her mother’s side as they experienced the painful loss of Diana’s grandmother. It was a time to mourn and a time to celebrate the legacy left by such a phenomenal woman. “My mother is an inspiration to me each day, and her mother was there for us as well. It is my hope that others can appreciate the value of what is handed down by those who blazed a trail towards success for their families. One great way to start – give them your heart, your care and something beautiful that lets them know you love them.”


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Nancetta Liles is a published author and freelance writer.


Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker