Pet Care Corner: Gifts of a Great Pet - Connecting deeper

A monthly column presented by local experts in pet care.

A monthly column presented by local experts in pet care.


By L. Leigh Meriweather


Do you have a great pet? I mean, a seriously great pet? Do you have the most amazing, wonderful, loving pet in the world?


If you do, take a deeper look at yourself.


Great pets don’t hang out with just anyone. There is a reason they picked you. This deep and beautiful relationship is here partly to help you recognize your role in it. Your pet is not only here to be with you to experience a wonderful, loving relationship, they also extend an invitation for you to go deeper within yourself to experience and bring out more of these wonderful qualities in you and in life.


All too often, we just keep the greatness contained to the pet relationship or attribute it all to the pet. We don’t explore further our roll and our greatness in it. As humans, we limit the experience of our own divinity; we sometimes carry heavy emotions which weigh us down and prevent us from realizing fully our true value and core being.


Our pets can actually help us with this because pet relationships aren’t as complex as human relationships. They touch our soul differently and simply. As such, we can just enjoy the love and true heartfelt connection.


Also, we rely on that more heartfelt means of communicating with our pets, mostly through looks, glances, feelings, etc. There is purity here without us really being aware of it. Our communication with our pets often turns into a “just knowing.” It touches us deeply and the relationship becomes a part of our very being. The more we understand this, the more we can open up to it and explore greater communication and an even deeper relationship with them. We can also learn to acknowledge and feel more of our own greatness as part of the relationship. We can use this as a way to become more aligned with our divine nature and higher self.


In addition to just sharing love and sharing life, the truest gift of a great pet and a great pet relationship is giving us love and mirroring our inner self back to us, guiding us home. They help remind us of our true selves and what it is like to experience divine love. They keep us connected to nature, reminding us all the while that we are part of nature, we are all connected and there is great love within. Play around with it, have fun with it. Thank your pet for being a loving, reminding presence in your life. Thank yourself for the love you give, the love you are and for reaching deeper.



Here is an exercise to try:


Connecting with Pet Love Exercise. When you look at your pet, see that they are truly looking at you with love. Take a moment to see the love in their eyes for you… and go a little deeper. Just take a moment to be with it and to feel it. They are seeing and connecting with your soul, your higher self, your divine self. They do this whether we do it for ourselves or not. They see the deep part of you that is radiating love. They see your greatness. Allow that in. Allow that possibility to exist. Just spend some time in it. Start to feel this and open up to it, and as you do you can expand and develop this so you feel more and more of it every day and it becomes more of who you are. Know that feeling this deep love within yourself is your solid core being. Allow this feeling to expand into every aspect of your life and every relationship.



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