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Contact me with your thoughts and ideas at editor@wncwoman.com

Contact me with your thoughts and ideas at editor@wncwoman.com

“Telling Her Story,” this month’s theme, is in honor of Women’s History/Herstory Month in March and a belated Black History Month in February.


The first article about the ‘F’ word (no not That One!) is quite fitting, given the conversation about sexism and language in the Letters and on our Facebook page over the past month.


Then Lavinia Plonka looks at Feminism and Beyond; imagining future masculine and feminine traits that may differ radically from the past.


Sherri McLendon’s column challenges us all to move forward into real leadership and exhorts us to “take back,” “gather,” “develop” and claim our true identities.


Georganne Spruce issues a strong Thank You to Betty Firedan for giving her hope and helping her to have a more fulfilling journey in life.


And there are even more stories: Frances Figart profiles the amazing duo of Lucille Ray and Cathy Riley who use African-American spirituals to tell stories of slavery, segregation and change to children in Asheville schools.


Marlisa Mills is back with her series, Women Through Their Ages, telling the story of Susan Stader, creater of the very successful Next Step Recovery programs.


Then there’s the inspirational story of Yang Li who travels often to Mauritius to help support and educate refugees there.


You’ll read about the AAUW’s GEM fund that offers the means for women to further their education with scholarships.


And of course our regular columnists are here with even more information to help you live more efficiently, frugally, and successfully.


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