The Feminine Shift


By Lewisa Goggin


There is tremendous change in the air for women. We are on the threshold of transformation in our lives. Many of us are feeling a yearning, a calling to a higher purpose. We long to fulfill a hidden purpose that seems to be driving us forward toward more fulfillment, creativity and joy. Most of us are clueless as to what that is or how to achieve it. All life on the planet is going through a major shift at this time. It is the feminine aspect, the Feminine Ray that is precipitating much of this change. As women, we are in a place now where we are finding that unless we are one of the rare few who are completely fulfilled with career, relationships, location and earning what we are worth, we are feeling a driving force of change—knowing we need more.


Ironically, as women our numbers in the United States are stronger in the work force and as college graduates than men. However with all that we have achieved over the last century we are not happy as a whole. Many baby boomers are moving through or have already just come out of menopause. That in itself makes us begin to start thinking of ourselves and our needs now that we have spent the first half of our lives focused on others, our families and raising children to adulthood. Yet it is not just women over fifty but women of every age that are suddenly feeling an urgency of change.


In my work as an intuitive I have been noticing a growing theme among women. Approximately 95% of my clients that come for guidance are women who are feeling an epic shift, a force that they cannot ignore and don’t know what to do with. Most women are in a transitional stage in their lives. The feedback I have been receiving is that women are universally feeling restless, agitated, depressed, alone and as though they are giving too much of themselves with little or no return. They are feeling urgency in their hearts calling be it career, relationship or location. Something, they say, needs to change.


Our progression has been a relatively slow one until the last century when in the 1920’s the Suffragettes began to fight for women’s rights. From there women began to prove themselves in traditionally male roles such as World War II where it was necessary for women to fill positions in factories left by men who had gone off to war. The movement sludged forward until the 60s and 70s where it picked up momentum with the likes of Gloria Steinem who fought for women’s equality in the workplace. Nonetheless this opened up long held resentment and anger toward men from suppressed women fighting for equality with a masculine perspective. At that time it was necessary to continue the use of the masculine approach of strategy and methodical action in order to move forward in a male-dominated world. From that stance we have moved to a place of introspection, getting in touch with our negative emotions. Again with a masculine approach.


We have been expressing the masculine perspective of power over the past many centuries. The old paradigm isn’t working—that of conquering and dominating our world. Currently the world seems to be spinning out of control both personally and globally. The masculine approach of powering through a problem, making things happen through strategic planning is all very fine for a goal-oriented problem. It is not, however, one of a trusting, flowing, creative nor intuitive nature—it is these magnetic qualities of the feminine that will catapult us forward into a bright future of promise and destiny. We cannot manifest our dreams and desires by attempting to control the path. It takes the feminine aspect of trust, intuition and creativity to follow the road to our future. It is as innate within our spirit to create as it is in our womb.


At the Vancouver Peace Summit in September 2009, the Dalai Lama announced, “The world will be saved by the Western woman.” He went on to speak of women’s compassion, affection and human values and how women have the resources to affect change.


Over the years I have watched and heard many translations of the Mayan and other indigenous prophesies for 2012. The translation that always rang true in my heart was that “the world would change as we know it.” Many people assumed the doom perspective but for me the change would be in our personal worlds. I might change it to our world will change as we know it, meaning our personal world, which will indeed create a change outside and beyond us. It is necessary for our intimate and internal world to begin evolving in a productive and conscious way. The changes will happen if we step into this opportunity to create now, at this time, a clear vision of what we want.


With this awakening, many are feeling a surge of energy and motivation to make drastic and long needed change in their lives from a more profound and gentle approach. Relationships are shifting and opportunities are right in front of us. However, we still harbor doubts and fears. Often when we are sad we are ashamed and take a warrior’s stance of moving on and overcoming it. Instead of stopping and listening to our heart our mind takes over and we go to a familiar place of self-doubt, criticism and undermining ourselves. It is necessary to pause and embrace these emotions and search for a deeper awareness and beginning from which they came. In doing this we can lovingly move forward with a greater appreciation and understanding of our personal story and survival so that we will learn from it and no longer be run by it.


We are now stepping into a new way of being, a new way of relating to others, ourselves and the world. We need to learn to trust and allow the Universal feminine flow to take us to our dreams, destinies and authentic partnerships.


These are all necessary steps toward our coming leap. We need not jump alone. There is an opportunity to experience being received, loved and supported in the adventure of love’s deep fulfillment and happiness. The Feminine Ray is one of an intuitive and magnetic power. It is innate within us to be creative, loving, compassionate, supportive, and to desire community. This is the nature of being a woman.


Being grateful for the emotions that since childhood have helped us to survive in the best way we knew how. Now we can foster that inner child and show her a new way to not only exist but thrive in this world. There is a new movement of gratitude these days—yet another feminine aspect. In gratitude we are able to attract that which we desire in greater volume. Recent studies have shown that people who are grateful on a constant basis, living a life of gratitude and embracing self-acceptance are happier, less stressed and have a sense of purpose; they more easily seek help from others, are less likely to be in denial, blame themselves for things, or use substances to cope.


We can be patient with delays and setbacks, knowing that a higher truth is orchestrating something we cannot control but will benefit greatly from if we allow it its own rhythm and flow. It is our place to receive with trust.


We need to breathe and lovingly embrace our more genuine and inherent nature. Embracing who we are and loving and forgiving ourselves we can attract infinite opportunities. Doors open to us everyday. We often don’t see them or are afraid to step through. Incorporating a sense of self and confidence in our place in this world and reaching out to others and recognizing the best in one another we will begin to understand that others are but a reflection of ourselves. When we are anything less than authentic in this world we are still being run by old patterns that neither support nor elevate us or our sisters and brothers. We must learn to cultivate our inner knowing and trust that the gifts we offer will be welcomed and received by others.


By adopting our true nature as women and receiving help from others we can create a tremendous system of support with the love, understanding and community that we have been seeking. From this place growth and positive change can come for an entire planet.


Lewisa is an intuitive councilor working with others to inspire an authentic life of open heart and discovery of purpose. She is a co-facilitator of Feminine Shift groups. Lewisa can be contacted at 415-200-9224 or

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker