Poetry: Valle Muse

By Christy Hamrick


Spirit moves
feet imprinting snow
as melting ice
drips from Evergreen branches
patting the shingles
lulling the inhabitants
to peaceful sleep


Spirit rises
in the mist
from the Blue Ridge dawn
wispy and changing
like the orange light
radiating from the cabin porch
in the breaking darkness


She is Greek mother
rolling out phyllo
reminding all
of the joy
of careful seeing
the quiet of nature
wipes her soul clean


She is a waterbug dancing
casting her passions
seeds tossed to the wind
to see which take hold
and grow
The clock haunts her
ordinary time
becomes timeless time


Spirit lives
like a Narnian
even if
her mother country
exists only in stories
Hope wins
over sadness
days savored
as succulent wine


Christy Hamrick lives in Lexington, explores trails in Piedmont and Western North Carolina, writes, practices yoga, and works in Greensboro, NC. hamrick_c@yahoo.com

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker