Dying Into This: Opening the Heart to True Transformation


By Prajna Ana


I have always possessed a well of compassion for the world’s suffering. Deeply affected by concern, yet unable to find a satisfactory way to rectify the horrors I was witnessing, my spiritual quest discovered bits and pieces in a plethora of philosophies, healing modalities, religions, teachers, and the natural world as a profound example of sanity in such an insane time.


I discovered that life, so very intelligently and lovingly designed, makes no mistakes. The structures we impose upon life through our belief systems and philosophies are paradoxically warping that intelligence into a fractured reality. When we release all preconceived notions and challenge everything we thought true about the world and ourselves, we stop separating from the whole. We are then free to directly experience life freshly and alive, as love constant and unchanging.


My journey is devoted to the knowledge of God. The horrific life I was born into was orchestrated perfectly to break the bonds of confusion heavily wrapped around my family lineage and my personal belief in separation. This is my birthright, a yoke that I can allow to rest while I hold an immense amount of gratitude and peace in my knowing that all has contributed to the freedom of my human heart. You have this same transformative power within you.


How we choose to meet our life’s circumstances is our one opportunity to shift the consciousness of the world from deep despair to insurmountable joy. The process is within you. You are the light. You have the key in your pocket. You have no excuses. You are not a victim because the choice of perception is yours.


I say this with authority, having known one of the most brutal existences a child could have experienced. Trauma! Severe trauma that makes even the most seasoned therapist cringe and wonder, How in the hell are you not dead or a sociopath? My answer and my knowing has always been God.


My book Dying Into This: Opening the Heart to True Transformation relates the flash of insights I experienced as I rested in a new awareness of the awakened heart. The book originated in the cave-time of my awakening. The time followed very deep insights into my truest nature: seeing that I am all; seeing what I am not; then, simply, that I am; and, finally, not even that. I had spent an intense year devoted to stillness. Attending several weeks of silent retreats with a masterful teacher left me with nothing, an alive nothing that I continue to discover each moment.


My title was inspired by a beautiful saying, die before you die, so you can truly live.


Everyone will experience physical death, but the truly blessed die spiritually before then. This is the call of the awakened heart singing to so many to release the death of self identification. When we understand that we don’t fit in, whether or not we try to follow along, great change can happen. This single feeling of not belonging is actually a great gift, the highest offering of grace. In not fitting in, we are free to ask, “Is there another way to be in the world?”


My book points to waking up to life as One and everything that entails including the falling away of all identity, all concept, and all belief. We must stand naked in the heart of God. From this point onward, we will never again cling to anything because life shifts continually. Change is life’s only continuity. As I have continued to grow into my spiritual heart, so do the insights coming through as a direct experience of my life lived.


Simply, my book is an invitation to my family, including you and all beings on this Earth, to know the love that they are. Knowing this love heals the deepest wounds, releases the most ensnared confusion, and liberates the most bound soul. This love makes me celebrate, knowing that sharing the only thing I can – life as I know it – offers space enough for you to realize this love for yourself. Through this love, the gates of heaven open so that you can rest. Rest and be what you are – love unending. This is how we will change the world, one heart at a time. Only your heart matters so tend to it, reveal it, and let life enter. All that is required is an open heart. Honestly look inside and see what you have never been, always been, and the limitless potential in the simple but profound knowing.


Prajna’s name means heart wisdom. She is author of Dying into This, founder of Lamp of the Heart, and holds bi-weekly satsang gatherings in Asheville. To schedule a gathering or arrange a private session, e-mail Prajna at connect@lampoftheheart.org. Additional offerings and excerpts from Dying Into This: Opening the Heart to True Transformation can be found on her web site www.lampoftheheart.org. She will be doing a public reading at Malaprop’s on January 13.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker