Blending the Masculine and Feminine in the Business World

By Chloe Kemp


Loveliestdreams |

Loveliestdreams |

Do you use your Alpha masculine side to push through projects, or are you willing to trust and let go so that the Divine can light the path for you? How do you balance the yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine, when you are facing a deadline and all the components are not in alignment yet? How can you conduct business accountably, yet not be attached to the outcome? Can we learn how to soften, surrender and flow with the river, even in the corporate world?


Many women who grew up at the height of the women’s movement found that although there were doors beginning to open, it was still a masculine playground. The “boys club” started to slowly let women in, but only if they played by the rules. Back then women had to dress the part – power suit, complete with some type of tie around the neck. If you really wanted to be successful, you had to hold the same masculine energy as your counterpart. The higher you climbed up the ladder of success, the more it seemed you had to rely on your masculine side. A softer side was not allowed on this playground. You had to be able to play ball as hard and fast as the men. Never flinch; never show your fear or your emotions. And, when push came to shove, you learned how to be a tough ‘M.F.’ so you could stay in the game.


Now, in what many say is the dawn of the feminine age coming back to us, the focus is on reigning in the masculine energy, allowing the feminine to lead. Finding the balance, so they can co-exist in a healthy way. Everyone has both masculine and feminine energy. One is not “better” than the other. It only hampers us when we allow one to overpower the other. We need both. The key is to keep them in balance.


As a former ‘tough M.F.’ I still see my masculine side wanting to push through at times. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely appreciate my male energy. It helps me put mydreams into reality. It keeps me focused. It helps me move from the idea stage to action. The trick for me is to be aware when I need to soften and surrender, so that I can receive. In the old paradigm of business, we were taught that success only came with hard work – you had to make it happen. I realize now that my true success comes from being able to receive and follow my divine guidance. It is a give and take, a cause and effect symbiotic relationship. If you only sit around, waiting to receive, you might be waiting for a very long time. It requires action and stillness, giving and receiving, strong and soft.


For me, trust and faith are big components for keeping the balance. I have learned to recognize when my energy is out of balance. When I start having an overwhelming desire to jump in quickly, to “make it happen,” to not take “no” for an answer, certain that my way is the best way … I know my yellow warning flag is asking me to slow down, stop long enough to take a breath and consider other options: surrendering to the Divine way, rather than my way. Remembering that there may be an even better opportunity that I am not aware of yet;remembering that I don’t have all the information or answers. In these moments I have a choice. I can remain mired in my masculine energy, continuing to do my best to make it happen. Or I can let go and take a leap of faith, trusting the outcome will be exactly what is best for all. Knowing and believing that when one door closes another opens up gives me the freedom to wait. When I have complete clarity, with no doubts or second-guessing, I know I am following my divine guidance. The next time you are feeling confused, uncertain, bumping into dead ends, I invite you to stop and listen for the soft whisper of a new idea, a new direction, trying to make its way to your attention.


My current art project has graced me with many opportunities to keep a balanced perspective. “The Mannequin Multimedia Project” is a collaborative piece, which means finding a way for all the people involved to come together and blend their energy and talent in a harmonious way. As the creator and leader of the project, it has been my job to judiciously use both energies – my masculine to make sure everything gets done in a timely fashion and my feminine to gently hold, honor, trust and surrender to the artistic and spiritual process.


Stay open for Divine Synchronicity to flow to you and through you.


Four years ago I found a mannequin with some photos at a yard sale. I knew there was a story to tell, and I made a commitment to wait patiently until it was revealed to me. I named her Molly and put her in my living room. Every day for a year, I saw Molly. My trust never wavered. When people would ask me why I had a mannequin in my living room, I would tell them it was for an art project, that I was waiting for inspiration.


At the end of that first year, I went to a Kirtan at West Asheville Yoga Studio. A friend met me at my house so we could go together. She asked me again about Molly, and I gave her the same answer, “I am waiting for Molly to tell me her story.” That night at Kirtan was so powerful, I immediately went into a heightened state of bliss. When I got home I knew exactly how Molly’s story would be told. I surrendered completely to the intuitive divine guidance I received, trusting that it would happen, without questioning or worrying about how it would actually be accomplished.


One year later, new photos and video footage had been compiled, and a very rough cut video of the initial idea was ready. Another one of my art projects got booked for a show, so I had to put Molly on the back burner. She sat patiently in my house, both of us with faith and trust that eventually her story would be told.


This past summer I came back to sweet Molly with more inspiration and commitment to finish. I showed the rough cut to local poet, Caleb Beissert. He agreed to write a poem for the project. The first draft I read gave me chills and made me cry. I took this as confirmation we were on the right path.


Next to join the project was Aaron Price, multi-talented musician and owner of the CollapseAble Recording Studio. Jacob Rodriguez, an amazing saxophone player with an impressive list of accomplishments including working with Aretha Franklin, Michael Buble, Cyrus Chesnut, and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, as well as with jazz contemporaries Walter Smith III, Ambrose Akinmusire, and Marcus Gilmore, joined Aaron to create the music for Caleb’s spoken word poem.


Another recent deeply transformative experience at West Asheville Yoga Studio Kirtan revealed to me the final piece of the project. I was struck by the voices and singing at the kirtan and realized the next day that I wanted them to sing during the credits of the video. Jarret Levine and Mira Shani whole-heartedly came aboard to bring a beautiful blend of guitar and song.


Although I caught myself beginning to fret about coordinating all this talent, once I let go, a date for the final recording quickly fell into place, Each piece flowed perfectly into the next. After only a few takes for each performer, Aaron and I knew we had a winner. Listening to the final recording at the end of the day Aaron noted that it was so good people would think it was created in New York City.


To start with a random yard sale experience and finish with an amazing, sophisticated collaborative multi-media art project is a beautiful tribute to trusting and honoring divine synchronicity. The next time your feminine side gives you an insight, receive it gracefully. Allow it to show you the way. Let your masculine energy help you bring it to fruition. Be attentive, mindful, and present. When you feel yourself getting out of balance, stop and wait patiently. This is not the time to work harder and force the solution. This is the time to be quiet, pray, meditate, listen to music, be out in nature – whatever gets you to a balanced place. Then Listen carefully; your answer will appear. It may not be the answer you were expecting. Trust it anyway.


Join us in January for the Asheville premiere of the multi-media project, “The Mannequin.”


Sunday, January 13th, 7:00 pm at THE ISIS, 743 Haywood Road, West Asheville. Come early for dinner and cocktails. Stay afterward and listen to amazing jazz music with renown musicians Justin Ray on trumpet, Steve Alford on clarinet, Jacob Rodriguez on saxophone, Mike Holstein on bass, and Ben Bjorlie on drums.


Monday, January 21, 7:30 pm at The Altamont’s monthly’ Poetry at the Altamont’ series. 18 Church Street, downtown Asheville.



Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker