Words From The Editor

By Sandi Tomlin-Sutker


Sandi Dec. 2012

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What a year it’s been! As I write this and finish laying out the issue you hold in your hands, I feel such appreciation for all the blessings of my life. My family, great friends, so many opportunities to connect with an amazing community; all the people who help keep the magazine coming each month: the hard-working sales reps and businesses who make it possible to publish; the talented writers who create informative and inspiring articles, stories, poems; the distribution folks who get each month’s issue out on the stands; and you readers who enjoy, learn and pass on the results to others.

I only have the simplest of words to say: thank you, so much.


And this month’s issue is another example of collaboration and creative vision. When I chose the theme Entertaining Women I thought of it as both an adjective describing women who offer us their talents and as a word describing what these women do… and Susan Lachmann got it, recognized the gerund, and writes about it in her Interview with Her Self!


What a variety of entertainers we profile this month: talented opera singer Maria Clark; Carol Clemens, former race car driver; playwright Gwenda Ledbetter; well-known poet Laura Hope-Gill; musical stage performer Eileen Kennedy; and delightful pooch, Cosmo, who entertains kids while educating them about being good citizens as they grow into adulthood.


You’ll learn about two of our great advertisers and what they offer. You’ll find information you can use: pet dental care; due diligence when buying a home; how to begin the process of getting organized; ways to improve your business without working harder; all you need to know about healthy (and unhealthy) fats in your diet.


We have essays both humorous and thoughtful; a short story, a poem, a book review… our well-loved columnists and one more Unsung Heroine. In the midst of your busy Holiday season, enjoy it all.


And see you in January with our annual Women Minding Their Own Business issue.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker