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I was reading September’s issue of WNC Woman with interest (as I always do) until I hit a distinctly sour note. Ironically enough, I had just finished reading “My Side of the Mountain,” the wonderful article on Kathy Kane, who lives in the “French Country” house she built (and furnished) in my neck of the woods–Barnardsville. I was born and raised (yes, that’s right) in Dillingham, my Eden, and was delighted to read Kathy’s comment: “I feel blessed for this wonderful piece of paradise.”
Alas, I then read Amy Sullivan’s bio at the end of her article “Dear Dreamer,” and felt bile come up in my mouth. She states that she “spends , , , her afternoons attempting to correct her two daughters’ newly acquired Southern accents.”
I didn’t know that our Southern accents needed corrected. Like Ms. Sullivan, I, too, teach; however, I do not recall, in my long and storied career, ever, ever correcting any students’ “Northern accents.”
Nancy Dillingham

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker