Advertiser Spotlight: Mary Hitchcock of Organize with Mary

Mary Hitchcock of Organize with Mary


Mary Hitchcock – of Organize with Mary – found her calling at just four years old while organizing her family’s kitchen junk drawer. Growing up creating order, using empty cereal boxes and lists on the back of used envelopes, it’s no wonder Mary ended up as a professional organizer and personal assistant!


Over the years, Mary has expanded from drawers and To Do lists to entire homes and offices. There’s no task too small or large, from organizing closets, pantries and offices, to clearing out attics and basements. Her organizing services run the gamut from creating sustainable storage solutions, to taking items for reuse or disposal. In addition, Mary’s keen sense of design and strong work ethic make her a valued personal assistant.


The type of challenges Mary thrives on range from one-time triumphs over chaos to weekly or monthly organizing sessions. Clients also depend on her to run errands, make and transport them to appointments, and setup and cleanup parties. She has clients who have recently found her, and one who has been with her over 30 years.


As one of her long-time clients says, “Want my advice? Hire Mary for a few hours each week. She’ll keep you sane and moving forward with your life! If you think you’d spend too much, compare Mary with therapy!” or call 828-252-1701.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker