Meditating With Your Pet

By: Alice McCall


More and more people are discovering meditation and are enjoying the benefits. Meditation is a powerful tool with far reaching results—from feelings of physical renewal, to stress reduction, and even immune system enhancement. However, it does more than change our physical self; meditation creates positive shifts in our emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.


Guess what? Animals like to meditate too! If you have a furry friend, let them join your meditations. Not only is meditation an activity that you and your pet can enjoy together, but it has the same healthy benefits for your beloved pet!


Keta was the first pet with whom I’d ever experienced meditation. For 12 years, we enjoyed the benefits of spending time together while in a quiet meditative state.


After her passing this year, I was guided to a new furry companion. Kiva started meditating with me on the third day of being in his new home. I’ve been surprised that a frisky puppy, only 11 weeks old, would want to settle into meditation state for one-two hours at a time, but little Kiva does so effortlessly.


How can pets assist you in meditation?


They can help ground you.


They can help hold the energy space if you need to move out of meditation state, allowing you to slip back in quickly and easily.


If you go elsewhere in your meditation experience, your pet’s warm body next to you will help you maintain a connection with your body. His or her physical presence can help bring you back into the present.


Some pets can help guide or assist you within the meditation.


Some can actually help remove negative energies.


If your pet is able to assist you in one or more of these ways, your meditation will be further enhanced by their participation. However, even if none of this occurs, meditating with your pet is still a wonderful sharing experience.


Most animals are creatures of habit and routine. With that in mind, here are some tips to begin a meditation practice with your pet:


During meditation, provide a consistent place near you for your pet; for instance, next to you on the sofa, a specific chair, or on a pillow by your feet.


Tell your pet that you want him or her to help you meditate or meditate with you. Say something like, “We are going to meditate now.” Use the same key words each time so he or she will begin to understand the routine.


Always start your meditation the same way. I start mine with some deep breaths and use my voice for toning, sounds similar to those made by crystal bowls. Keta became so used to this routine, that the moment she heard those tones, she knew we were going to work together. She immediately got into her little basket at my feet, curled up and went into the “zone” without any other direction from me! Consider starting each meditation by putting on a chanting CD, soft music, lighting a candle, or burning incense. Whatever your routine, the key is consistency. This provides a cue to your pet that it is time to settle in for a quiet meditation.


As you start to include your pet in your meditation routine, have patience. Let your fuzzy friend get used to this new activity with you. Soon your pet will have an understanding of the experience, and will look forward to sharing this special bonding time with you.


When the mediation is over, praise your pet for his or her help.


With practice, your pet may even be able to do more than just meditate. In sessions with clients in a meditative state, Keta was able to hold and interact with the working energy. She sometimes would even gurgle audibly, a signal that she was holding onto the energy within our scared space.


This was a very helpful skill, as I need to move in and out of the healing energy space in order to observe, listen, take notes, and interact with my client’s experience. Many of my clients felt that Keta’s little noises were her version of toning, even feeling or seeing her presence in their work.


After each session, it was easy to see that Keta was proud of herself and her accomplishments. I always praised her and many of my clients thanked her for her help. Her partnership was extremely important to my work.


I am not that far along with my new puppy Kiva. I am amazed, however, at how quickly he has taken to meditation and am hopeful that this aspect of our relationship will continue to grow.


Start meditating with your pet today! If you have tried it in the past but didn’t stick with it, use meditation as a great excuse to start building a routine. It will be healing for you and your beloved pet!


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Alice McCall (BS Psychology, MBA, Certified Hypnotist) is a successful author, cellular level healing consultant, and inspirational speaker. Her work covers the entire mind, body, spirit spectrum, including physical and emotional transformation. Alice’s specialty is transforming deep blocks of dense negative energy at the cellular level; enhancing her clients’ health, joy, and spiritual evolution.


She is the author of the sought after book ‘Wellness Wisdom,’ which shares how she successfully healed herself of breast cancer in 2007 using her practice of cellular level healing, along with offering guidance on ‘how to’s’ of natural health and healing. She lives in Hendersonville, NC, facilitating private sessions, group healing meditations, and workshops in-person and over the phone.


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Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker