Women, Spirit & Money: Awakening the New Masculine

Awakening the New Masculine: Implications for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

By: Sherri L. McLendon


Are you a woman in service through her conscious, holistic business? If so, Gary Stamper’s recent book, Awakening the New Masculine: the Way of the Integral Warrior, offers us possibilities to work with men from an emergent perspective—one of healing.


Though written primarily for an audience possessing the Y chromosome, female readers will love Stamper’s book. The Western North Carolina author differentiates between the masculine and the patriarchy, placing men’s history into a clear perspective. It’s a small but critical distinction, especially for women like me, who’ve met their fair share of men who may best be described as “unconscious.”   “I don’t work with a lot of men,” I confided to another woman entrepreneur recently, a bit cheekily. “I find them on the whole to be vexatious to the spirit.”


As a spiritual entrepreneur, I’ve learned to be selective about the clients I serve and make certain they’re a good fit for me in terms of shared values. As a woman who works well but infrequently with men, my over-developed inner masculine often wars with my more feminine qualities; I actively sought and gratefully embraced the distinction Stamper provides.


When it comes to the masculine, “We may like it, we may hate it, we tear it apart, we dissect it, we’re afraid of it, we disown it, and we push it and ourselves away. We also ignore it and take it for granted,” says Stamper, and he’s right. Too often, the way we relate to the masculine within ourselves and our partnerships can create a powerful dynamic of opposition.


“With increasing awareness and understandable anger at centuries of patriarchal behavior, or false male power, we have come to believe that masculinity—and men and patriarchy—are the same thing,” he says. “The sad truth is that the vast majority of men have also been victims of the patriarchy.”


Women must become able to distinguish between the masculine, which has been wounded, and the patriarchy, which beleaguers all our spirits. We must remember that men, too, can be victims, and treat them with heart-centered kindness as they learn to show up fully and hold space for the feminine.


Working with the masculine instead of the patriarchy has allowed me to heal as a woman. As a result, I enjoy increasing numbers of elegant work relationships with clients and colleagues who just happen to be men. Important implications arise regarding the way women in service through their business choose to work with men, perhaps offering or co-creating solutions on a case-by-case basis.


In conscious, holistic, and integral business, our ability to sustain ourselves through our vocation lies in our ability to build trust and create relationships which:


– Increase client trust and client-practitioner alignment

– Maintain equitable roles between business partners and colleagues

– Ensure accountability, so each of us commits to be the best version of our selves

– Allow us to energetically spend and earn in ways that sustain us individually and collectively

– Create a business from our creative, intuitive gifts

– Enhance our ability to manifest


In facilitating the healing of male clients, we may become more aware of the power dynamics in our communications, when to push and when to allow, when to observe the cycles of ebb and flow. Largely, Stamper’s book is a call to action to actively engage with the healing of the masculine. Though it’s not a book about spiritual entrepreneurialism, it nonetheless proves a resource that’s badly needed.


The manner of our commitment in partnership with male clients and colleagues shifts for the better when we are able to release the anger and historicity of the patriarchy.  Without its dominance, there is no need for power over dynamics. Instead, we can share personal power in balanced, holistic ways. Accountability becomes less about book-keeping, and more about soul currency and living our purpose. Healing the masculine from within, and facilitating that healing through our practices, encourages personal evolution and initiates renewed awareness of the way we spend and receive.


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Sherri L. McLendon, is also known as Sherri Moneta after the ancient Roman money goddess. A recognized feminine business leader, she integrates spirituality into money mindset and marketing strategy through expert coaching at Professional Moneta International: www.professionalmoneta.com.

Written by Sherri McLendon