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There’s one more month for you to tell us how you feel about WNC Woman and tell us what more you’d like to see in these pages. And, help us attract more advertisers by giving us some demographic information (it’s all anonymous) about yourself.


Just to pique your interest, here are comments so far on the question: What are your favorite departments/features/themes in WNC Woman:


The poem entries; Articles by Lavinia


Featuring the strength of women here and what women are doing in helping others


Poetry/Editor’s Messages/ Feature Articles on Wellness and Health/Ads/


honestly I like the ads


I like reading about what wnc women are doing; I enjoy the recurring columns; Jeanne Charters; Lavinia Plonka; Kathy Godfrey’s articles; Kristine Madera’s articles; Lorri Gifford’s writings; Women minding their own Biz.


Human Interest stories; Love the men’s issue; Always something of interest that resonates in WNC WOMAN


I like the editorial and last word, Y chromosome; I like interviews with artists and business people


I HATE confessional articles, my pain of growing up, my relationship to God. Dislike poetry. Is this what women are about? Wimpy, over-exposing, and then proud about it? If these things are the positive aspects of women, the ideas are outdated by 30 years. What is NOW about us?


Woman artists, business woman, relative information about local woman.


And the question, What new content would you like to see?


More blog type entries from local women that are informative or educational-not opinion waxing. Articles from a local woman in politics either candidate or elected officials. An article about mothers and/or children’s interest. Locally owned businesses. Something for gay women.


Something a little more serious regarding women’s issues.


More about health and health care


Some themes concentrated more for young adults in the area; More information for mature 60+ women


I don’t have any suggestions b/c I think you all do a great job.


How to become a successful artist in Asheville; I would like to see more about the occupy movement and political and social justice.


Some shorter articles that can be read quickly


I like articles/info about women who advertise who have started their own business


It’s a great magazine but I’d like to see something a little edgier. Not so totally sweet-here-we-are-aren’t-we-wonderful. I worry about our heads being in the sand on some important issues.


So, if you haven’t put in your 10 cents worth yet, please do so this month, and thanks!


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Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker