Room Makeover Project: Final Update

The Gift That Grew


If you’ve followed the ‘Free Room Makeover’ journey featured in WNC Woman magazine (beginning in November, 2011), you’ll know that when three women invited the community to join them in this project of giving, it turned out to be more than they ever expected.



In The Beginning!


because they had more excited and generous sponsors than they could have imagined. They donated furniture, accessories, personalized artwork, paint for the walls, fabric and curtains, photography and videography, and even a mini-vacation in a B&B for the winner of the makeover.



Volunteers at work, making it happen!



because of the stories received from nominators—stories of amazing people who give of themselves to others.


because of a twist: Gayle Sovinee (the selected winner) re-gifted her room makeover to her non-profit, Helios Warriors—a holistic treatment center for Veterans.




Unloading donations from our sponsors.


because, instead of just one room, Lyna and Barb worked on six rooms —creating a unified, peaceful, and calming environment to help promote physical and emotional healing for veterans.


in the number of volunteers that gave of their talents, skills, and labor—constructing and helping primer the walls.



Lyna of The Spirit of Decor working her magic


and Much More:
in the rewards that were reaped!  Lyna, Sandi, and Barb will forever be grateful for the opportunity to meet and work along side the wonderful people who helped make the “Room Makeover Project” a success!


WNC Woman is happy to be able to share with you here, a ‘start-to-finish’ mini photo gallery of the “Free Room Makeover Project” that was gifted to Helios Warriors.





A veteran giving back to Helios


Sandi, WNC Woman Magazine; Barb, Space Spiffing Decorating; and Lyna, In The Spirit of Décor, hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the ‘make over’ journey these past few months!


And keep your eyes open in coming months for profiles of some of the other nominees who, while they didn’t win the Makeover, did win our hearts. We will share their stories with you over time.


Lyna Farkas, Barb Burless, Sandi Tomlin-Sutker Photo: Max Poppers SilverSpiritsPhotography




Jeff Bragg
Dennis Mather
Kenny McGann
Jason Kokosa
Stephen Houpis
Barbara Earle
Rudy Hatfield
Sam Fain
Deborah and Nelson Copp
Kate Nelson

Ahhh...the quiet room

The Room first revealed to Gayle

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker