Moon Over Asheville

Moon Mother Truffles, a Decadent Delight

By: Deborah Shelton Ogiste


Meeting Moonlite Lewis, creator of Moon Mother Truffles, is like moving from a storm into a warm, cozy, radiantly-lit room. She greets you like a long lost friend, engulfing you in radiant energy and sincere hugs. She chatters away, imparting the wisdom of the medicinal properties of the ingredients in her raw chocolate truffles.


The mystery of the goodness of Moon Mother Truffles is that they exude the richness of the creator’s journey. When tasting a Moon Mother Truffle, eat slowly to savor the deep, rich flavor melting on your tongue. Even the tiniest piece lifts you to the bliss of coming into your own and knowing who you are, a place of delight and intimate pleasure.


Born Cynthia Lewis in southern California, the oldest of three children, Moonlite spent her exuberance on athletic activities ranging from playing tackle football with the boys to swimming in the family pool. She often rode Gypsy Queen, her horse. She was full of life, energy, and joy.


At age 15, while playing softball, Cynthia suffered severe abdominal pain; she was rushed to an emergency room and admitted. Baffled physicians tried to discover why her left leg was paralyzed and her right leg was numb. A week later, Moonlight returned home with no answers. She regained her ability to walk, but not the full use of her legs; the once exuberant, athletic young lady was no more. She spent most of her life dealing with physical pain and depression. When she discovered, sixteen years later, that she had Gillian Barre Syndrome, she kept moving forward. As a single mom, Cynthia Lewis worked several jobs to provide a home for her son. In the 1980s, she became a Correctional Officer and Gang Coordinator for the State of California. “I worked on different units. Most of my time was spent dealing with male inmates but, at the time of my final injury, I was working on the psychotic female unit,” Moonlite remarks.


In 1993, she sustained job-related injuries and was medically retired at 69.9% disability. She further explains, “After being injured on the job, I looked for a new path, a new way that would heal my body and restore my spirit. Doctors told me that I needed drugs, that I would never walk again, and that I could not live an active lifestyle. After years of fighting corruption in the penal system and winning, I learned to never back down from a fight. I wasn’t starting now.” Moonlite used her intuition to guide her into a new life; she was on a healing path that helped her reinvent herself by building on each experience to become whole. Her journey led her to the village of Giza in Egypt. “My entire world changed,” she exclaims with her big smile and outstretched arms. Living at the feet of the Sphinx and Great Pyramids in the village of Giza, I was inspired to not only live better, but to do my part as a mother to help heal our human family.”


After returning from Egypt on September 11, 2002, Moonlite opened a business that furthered her healing journey. “At the time, I was doing ear coning, colonics, and sharing information on diet and parasite cleanses, including emotional release. I became clear on the direction I was to go, closed my business, and traveled to the Southeastern United States. It was difficult since I had always told myself that I did not want to live there or even visit the South. Being obedient, I left for North Carolina in 2005.” Moonlite landed in Charlotte where she began perfecting raw food recipes and selling plates. With the entrepreneurial spirit running through her, she opened a small restaurant and community meeting space in her townhouse where she distributed information about diet and medications.


By the end of 2005, Moonlite had transitioned her diet to raw and living foods; she began researching raw cacao, medicinal honey, raw exotic nuts, and various raw vegan oils and butters. “My secret truffle recipe came to me, as if sent by a messenger, and I began to package and sell chocolates to friends.” Moonlite attributes her raw food diet and her healing truffles as the catalyst to spiritual, emotional, and physical healing within her body and mind. “I am no longer so depressed and tired. I healed fibroids and stopped the heavy bleeding, solved sinus problems, and learned to manage my weight. Doctors said that I would never walk or live a normal life, but I’ve proved them wrong. Despite their predictions, I feel energized, happier, and more creative and inspired with much of the pain gone. My diet is 100% raw, and I am more active than ever before.”


Six years after Moonlite landed in the South and took control of her life, she is living on an organic farm, growing food, learning about beekeeping, and handcrafting sacred and exquisite raw chocolate truffles for select retailers.


“Moon Mother Truffles are my gifts to the world,” says Moonlite. “I healed myself through food, so I figured others could also, or, at the very least, bring happiness and joy bundled in chocolate goodness. I am on a mission to spread that message by way of chocolate, so eat, laugh often, and live your potential!”


Moon Mother Truffles are sold in Asheville at the West End Market on Haywood Road, the French Broad Co-op on Biltmore Avenue, and at both Earth Fare locations.


Deborah Shelton Ogiste is a writer, Reiki master, tuning fork practitioner, developer of the Mastering Awareness Program, and Founder of the Evolving Center and Wings of a Sparrow Workshops, Conferences, and Retreats.


Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker