The Room Make Over Gift Project


Another Update!

The Gift that Grew


As the February issue of WNC Woman Magazine was going to press, the walls of Helios Warriors’ new space were going up! It was exciting to watch as one big “room” was partitioned into multi-function areas for the Helios’ staff and clients. After the volunteer building crew finished their work, the volunteer painting crew took over.


A big Thank you to Stephen Houpis, his partner Barbara Earle, Helios Board member Deborah Copp and her husband Nelson and veteran Sam Fain for spending a weekend helping us paint the base colors on all the walls. We couldn’t have met deadline without all of you!


Finally we could envision how welcoming the space would feel to the veterans who will come here for treatment for the physical and emotional pain they are dealing with.


You know how it feels when you have been working on a project for a good while, but haven’t gotten to the really “fun” part yet? For Lyna and Barb, the “fun” work could begin: Lyna could work her faux painting magic on the walls and Barb could begin to make the space cozy and functional with furniture and décor!


And this is where we’ll leave you…knowing that by press time for this March edition of WNC Woman, the Room Makeover Gift & Project that began back in September (when the woman who won the Room Makeover re-gifted it to a non-profit that helps our nation’s veterans) is finally completed!


A celebration is planned for March 7th, and you are invited! Please read the details in the invitation below! We’d love to see you there!


Lyna Farkas, Barb Burless, and Sandi Tomlin-Sutker (editor/publisher of WNC Woman) are grateful for the opportunity to combine their talents and energy with the generous donations of several sponsors to create a space which will enhance the healing process for the Veterans who are treated at “Helios Warriors.”


And, watch for the April issue of WNC Woman when we’ll reveal the beautiful results with photos and honor all the sponsors.



Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker