An Invitation to Become a Business Magnet!



“Business Magnet” –

What the heck is that?


I shouldn’t have been surprised. Thought I would look up the word “magnet” on Google and find some fascinating information to use in explaining what we mean when we say “Become a Business MAGNET!” After all, if you are going to be interested in this fabulous new “lunch ‘n learn” series beginning on March 15th – you certainly need to know what it means. But there was just TMI – entirely too much technical and boring information. Fortunately I did glean a little that should help us here.


Magnets are objects that produce magnetic fields and attract certain other metals with a gravitational pull – bringing them close and connecting the two items in some way. They connect simply because the nature of the two objects is so closely aligned – they complement each other.


You may have noticed that the materials that make good magnets are the same as the materials magnets attract. So – enough! What could this possibly have to do with you and your business growth and development?


The purpose of this unique series of “lunch ‘n learn” events is to actually provide you with the tips and strategies that will turn you (woman/man/owner/employee) into a “Business Magnet.” How is this beneficial to you? It’s actually pretty powerful!


The first law of magnetism tells us everything with magnetic qualities has a field around it. The larger the mass, the bigger and more powerful the magnetic field will be. Therefore, the larger your presence is, the larger and wider spreading your field of influence would be. This is only natural.


So regardless of what they say, size does matter! (Wait now… not the size of your business. Rather it is the size of your influence, name recognition, and awareness of your expertise).


However, it’s not the only factor in determining the effectiveness of a magnetic field. It’s possible to have a massive field with very little strength behind it. And that’s where I see entirely too many businesses today.


So, let me ask a question. No, I mean – really. I want you to actually stop and think about your answer to this question.


Do you honestly believe that what you offer is so valuable that if you could just get the word out to enough people about who you are and what you offer – that your business would prosper and grow?


You’re probably thinking right now – Well, duh! Of course I believe that! That’s the whole answer right there! If just enough people knew who I am and what I offer, then I wouldn’t have to struggle so hard, work so long, just to become truly profitable.


That is the first step. People have to know you, trust you, want your solutions, and be willing to pay you for them. Our luncheon series will take you through each step – point by point – that will show you concrete tips and strategies you can use immediately when you walk out of the room.


We guarantee – no fluff – no leaving you scratching your head and wondering, “OK, that was highly motivational and I am inspired. But what the heck am I supposed to DO about it?”


At the end of each workshop session, you will be offered a plan of action that relates directly to the topic of the day. You will be given ideas you can immediately put into action using that strategy to enhance and strengthen your business. Before you leave, there will be opportunity to “brainstorm” with others seated at your table to enhance the strategies – so you can walk out with concrete ideas about what you are going to DO!


But just getting the word out about your solutions is rarely enough. You also have to know how to follow-up… how to turn a cool prospect into a hot one… how to actually ask for the sale… and how to retain valuable customers.


So, each month, we will take you step by step through an entire process of attracting prospects, closing the sale and maintaining those prospects for long term profit. Each month the information offered will build on the previous month so that you will gain a wealth of knowledge and strategies – in a couple of hours each month and for a ridiculously low price!


Once again, what are the characteristics of a “business magnet”?


Someone who knows how to:

  • – Attract prospects drawn to you by the power of your “magnetic field”…
  • – Who want and need your solutions….
  • – Are willing and able to pay for your solutions……
  • – Who, because of the value you provide, becoming your raving fans….
  • – And constantly tell others who fit this description!


Remember: You are in business to turn a profit! And you are NOT in business… until you HAVE business. While we welcome your attendance, it will do you little good if you just come and listen. On the other hand, if you listen carefully and then commit to action, you will begin to see a difference.


Man or woman – brand new start-up or long term business – owner or employee – none of that matters. All that matters is that you want to learn how to rework some old strategies, pick up some new ones, and commit to a plan of action for your personal and professional growth.


Joins us the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Crowne Plaza from 11:30-1:30.


Seating is limited so register early! You can go online at and scroll down on the right side to the PayPal link. Or you can email for more information.

Written by Saralyn Collins