The Room Make Over Gift Project

An Update!



Do you remember how the “ROOM MAKEOVER GIFT” began? And then how it grew? If you are reading about it here for the first time, at the end of this article are links to the story as reported by WNC Woman over the past few months.


A summary to date:

In gratitude for the support of their clients and community, three friends and local business entrepreneurs invited residents of Buncombe and Hendersonville counties to participate in a “FREE ROOM MAKEOVER” gift opportunity. People were asked, “If you were gifted a free room make-over and told you must give this gift to someone who touches lives in positive ways, who would you choose to honor, and why?”


Nominations came flooding in, sharing stories of wonderful friends, family members and acquaintances – inspirational stories about people helping people. It was indeed a difficult task for the judges to choose one nomination as the winner of the room makeover.


Gayle Sovinee, founder of the nonprofit, Helios Warriors, received word that Space Spiffing Decorating and In the Spirit of Décor would be making over a room in her home as a gift to her in honor of the services she offers to veterans (Helios Warriors offers complementary and alternative therapies to veterans to assist in their healing from chronic physical and emotional pain).


Ms. Sovinee was happy and excited to learn that she’d won a much-needed update to a room in her home; however she now paid it forward and gifted the room makeover to her nonprofit (by asking that a serene and quiet room be created in the newly leased space of Helios Warriors!)


Current Status of the Project:

Volunteers have been busy putting up walls and making other renovations to Helios’ new space to create the treatment rooms, meditation/quiet room, and office space. Jeff Bragg, a board member of Helios, is heading up the job–donating both his time and materials! Dennis Mather and Kenny McGann are helping him put up the sheetrock and Jason Kokoska is volunteering his electrical skills.


Meanwhile, Barb (Space Spiffing Decorating) and Lyna (In the Spirit of Décor) are busy working with Gayle to select carpeting and the colors and treatments for the walls that will bring warmth and a calming energy to the interior spaces. Barb has also been frequenting the project’s sponsors’ shops (see the list of these generous businesses in the January issue, page 54) to select furniture and accessories for the meditation room.


What’s Next?


Stay tuned for next month’s edition of WNC Woman to find out when the reveal and ribbon-cutting ceremony for Helios Warriors’ new space will take place and to see before and after photos of the space!


In this issue and in upcoming issues of WNC Woman you’ll also be able to read many of the inspirational stories/nominations that were received for the Free Room Makeover Project. We could only select one winner but we felt our readers would love to read the other, very deserving, stories. See page 54 for the first of those.


*At press time we got word that the reveal of the room makeover and the ribbon-cutting for Helios Warriors (with the Mayor attending) will take place on March 7.


Lyna Farkas, Barb Burless, and Sandi Tomlin-Sutker ( editor/publisher of WNC Woman) are grateful for the opportunity to combine their talents and energy with the generous donations of several sponsors to create a space which will enhance the healing process for the Veterans who are treated at “Helios Warriors.”


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Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker