I Heard a Whisper


I heard a whisper in the night–
I awoke to no one but the stars to listen to.
Somehow their light broke through the window
And spoke a language my heart recognized and remembered.


It turned me towards myself again–someone I had silenced years ago.


It seems we let strangers into the house, only to turn ourselves away.
Carrying the soft carcass of our longing
Like a burden–for a later that never comes.
Or listening with no holiness in our ears.


It causes the wild and magnificent pinions of our lives
To fold into an empty field,
Rendering us earthbound
And strangely disconnected to the conversant sky.


Now, like an infant in your arms,
Open the closed envelope
And read the invitation you crafted so long ago–
An ancient verse calling you back to yourself.


Cradle the parched spoken and unspoken words
Like a template.


Can you hear it?


The sky has opened up again into a raucous symphony of sound–
Happy that the part of you knocking at the door for re-admittance,
Clothed in forgotten light
Has come home.


-Tracey Schmidt


Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker