Building a Relationship for Healing

Michele Denise’s Journey


By: Roberta Binder


“[John of God] is in service by allowing his body to be a vehicle for spiritual entities to work through him to relieve the pain and suffering of others. It is quite extraordinary to watch him work and to be worked on by the entities he brings through.”


~ Sandra Ingerman, Shaman, teacher, healer, author


“It was late 2003 when I first heard about John of God. A lady who was doing massage said she needed to give me a book. It was a book of healers, some I knew others I had never heard of. I took it and began reading.” Asheville resident, Michele Denise, begins her story. John of God was featured in the last chapter and Michele instantly felt a magnetic energy drawing her to him and his work. As she explored him more seriously she made the decision to travel to John of God’s Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola and begin a healing experience and relationship that continues today.


As these things tend to happen, three more years passed before that trip became a reality and Michele began her first journey to Abadinana, a small town in Brazil. It takes a considerable amount of preparation for your journey to visit John of God and you go with the knowledge that your actual time with the Medium will be very short. Michele went with a guide, as the Medium as he’s called only speaks Portuguese.


From the US you fly into the Brasilia, Brazil airport; the trip to Abadinana is an additional seventy-four miles from there; a long journey on country roads. Once at the Casa you are settled into your quarters and assisted in your orientation to the property and procedures. The property itself is a beautiful spa-like setting with amazing vistas of the countryside with benches and grassy knolls inviting contemplation and meditation. This is an important step in your personal preparation for your meetings with John of God. You will also be spending time in the ‘Current.’ It is said that the palpable energy currents of John of God and other mediums and entities flow through this room giving it its name, a room for contemplation, meditation, prayer and preparation of personal opening of your heart and mind.


At the Casa, you will be meeting people from around the world, and all are welcomed with love and hugs; Michele felt her heart warm and become one with the energy, ready and willing to meet John of God in person.


On her first moments in the Medium’s presence, she could feel the bond and the emotional opening and deep relationship. His only directive to her was “Use the Crystal Bed!” which is one of the tools that can be recommended for whatever work your body needs. During one of her sessions on the Crystal Bed she had a flash of having purchased a bed of her own and saw a room with her in it doing work with clients using the healing bed; she took this as a passing thought. This was her first trip and that was not something she even considered at the time.


John of God was raised Catholic in a small farm town in the interior of Brazil. He was always devoted to St. Rita Cascia. She appeared to him in a cloud when he was nine and this was his first experience of his abilities in the realm of mediumship. As the story goes, he passed out and when he awoke a priest was by his side, he apologized and the priest told him, “You have healed all these people.”


He was a poor boy, who never had more than a third grade education – he still does not read or write, however the stories of his healings and wisdom spread far and wide by word-of-mouth. In his teenage years, he began as a journeyman traveling from town to town, healing as he went and often being chased out of towns. About thirty years ago he healed a gentleman inflicted with cancer, who happened to hold a high government position. In gratitude, he and his wife gave John of God the Casa and property to have a safe place to practice.


There are no charges to anyone at the center, although they do accept donations. Many, many volunteers give of their time, some are people who have had healings and return to help others, and some are mediums who work in conjunction with John of God.


Michele lived in Winston-Salem for a number of years where she had a very active travel business. She sold it when she moved back to Sarasota Florida, with her four children, to be closer to family and where she had grown up. There she purchased properties and fixed them up, turning them into rentals. By the time of her first trip to Brazil, she had ten properties. As she returned from the healing peaceful energies of visits to John of God, her relationship with that high stress world of property management was less and less fulfilling. Each time Michele journeyed to Brazil, she felt more and more changes within herself. Emotional change, a peace seemed to open and flow more and more clearly.


On her third trip a volunteer greeted her with: “So, are you going to buy a Crystal Bed this time?”


She was surprised, but just smiled. When she saw John of God, he again told her to go to the Crystal Bed; nothing more. The beds are one of the most helpful tools at the Casa that the Medium uses in people’s healing. It is often suggested to have a session on the bed before a visit with the Medium and afterwards. They are always booked solid, but Michele got scheduled and used the beds. Each time she spent time on the bed she clearly heard in her head, “You will use this in your healing practice.”


Realizing the Crystal Bed was manifesting her own personal healing, she decided to bring one back…that was in the fall of 2007. By this time, Michele clearly realized that her relationship with John of God was maturing, and her life was changing, “Part of that growth and evolution came in helping others through the healing of the Crystal Bed.”


Returning to Sarasota, Michele set a room in her house as a quiet room for the Crystal Bed. Much like the old adage: “Build it and they will come,” through word of mouth she found the bed was in constant use – it was the only such bed in the Sarasota area. Slowly the healing practice took over, reducing her available time to spend on property management for her rentals and one by one she sold the properties.


Michele found that the people who made their way to her humble room were experiencing both physical and emotional healing. It has been scientifically proven in many studies that if emotional healing is taken care of, physical healing will often follow. “I love working with people as they evolve in their consciousness,” Michele says, a glowing smile spreading across her face.


It was a busy few years, with Michele returning several times to Brazil and the Casa. She even took her two younger children with her on one trip and will be taking them again in the near future. During their visit, both children sat for hours in meditation. One noted, “It felt like an angel was touching me.” Both use the Crystal Bed frequently.


Once a year John of God comes to the Omega Institute in New York; at that time seven people are invited to bring their crystal beds to the event. Since Michele has gotten her own Crystal Bed, she has been invited to take it to Omega and has been one of the invited devotees who hold sacred space for the Medium as he works. Although the entire process works smoothly and with coordinated organization, Michele says, “The lines are long. The days are exhausting. This year there were 1600 people attending the event. However, it is a gift and honor to support John of God’s work and provide a safe place for healing to happen.”


When not at the Casa, the seventy-two year old John of God tries to maintain a normal family life at his cattle ranch. This is not always possible when you reach his celebrity status, yet, he remains a humble man. When he saw the poverty in the community of Abadinana, the local town of 17,000 people, he found an empty building and had it rehabilitated to be a soup kitchen. It is open to all. Clothing, household items, toys for the children are also provided. The Medium hopes to open other such soup kitchens in other parts of Brazil.


When asked about his healing work, John of God always responds, “I never heal anyone. God and the good Spirits are the ones who heal. I am merely an instrument of God’s divine hands.” It is said that he is assisted by over 47 entities. There are several doctors: Dr. Augusto de Almeida, who was known in Brazil as the father of sanitation and Dr, Oswaldo Cruz (1872-1971); Saint Ignatius de Loyola is the most consistently present entity; and Saint Francis of Assisi occasionally comes through.


Dorothy Cooke, Casa volunteer and medium states, “Seeing John of God is not going to make you a new person. That change is within you. Now is the time for you to make that change happen.” She has devoted the rest of her life to working at the Casa as she feels that working there is the purest work she has ever had the opportunity to experience.


As her two older daughters became young adults and stepped out on their own, and the number of Crystal Beds in Sarasota was increasing; Michele felt her time there was complete, and that the mountains of Western North Carolina were calling. She decided to move to the Asheville area where the family had frequently visited on holidays. There were no Crystal Beds in Western North Carolina and the schools were better for her two younger children. After spending a year getting the children settled into a new home, new school and discovering new friends, the Crystal Bed began calling her to get back to work.


Michele realizes that people get as much out of the Crystal Bed experience as they want to; yet, she is clear, being able to provide the bed is, “such a beautiful experience. I’m working with people as they evolve in their consciousness.” Traveling to Brazil will also continue to be a part of her mission; she is studying Portuguese and will be leading tours in the future.


Remember that vision that passed through Michele’s mind of a cozy room with the bed in it during her first experience with the bed? Well, as she pulled away from her house in Florida, she turned and looked back, and suddenly realized that the healing room she created there was the exact one of her vision!


John of God oversees the making of each and every bed. They are made in Brazil and the stones are quarried there. Each one is cut to an exacting Vogel cut. Lying on the bed, the crystals, lit with the chakra colors, are focused on your chakras. It is a relationship that each person experiences with their inner self. Each bed originates from the Casa in Brazil, where everything is surrounded with love.


Relationship is an amazing thing. It is a reaching out through open heart, open mind and being open to the healing experience of love. This is the total experience that radiates from John of God and the people who come to the Casa with open minds and hearts and are ready to open to the healing power of love. Many say, “Something lead us here!”


Michele Denise is working on a book about her transformative experiences with her visits to Brazil and will be leading tours for groups in the future. She will have the John of God Crystal Bed at the Asheville Wholistic Integrative Fair on March 10th at the Renaissance Asheville Hotel.


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Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker