IF I Could Just…… An Invitation to Become a Business Magnet!

Can you identify with one or more of these?


  • If I could just get the word out to more people about what I offer, my business would succeed.
  • If people understood the value of what I offer, they would stop complaining about my prices!
  • If I could just figure out how to get better results from networking, I’d be able to grow my business.
  • If the economy were better, then people couldn’t complain about my prices so much.
  • If I developed a marketing plan that really worked, I could get more customers.
  • If I were more organized and focused, I might get more business done.
  • If I just really knew what to do, I could………..

“If – If – If –“   all these wishes and dreams that things would change and somehow you would become very successful.
Well, the truth is: Business success is NOT random. There are strategies and guidelines that can almost ensure some degree of success – IF you are willing to implement them.
Something brand new and completely different is coming to Asheville! WNC Woman and Saralyn Collins are bringing a new “Lunch & Learn” Series to the area that will provide you with the strategies and training to absolutely turn you into a “BUSINESS MAGNET”!
What is a “business magnet?”  Someone who has learned how to:

  • Explain who you are and what you do in a clear and positive way so that anyone listening instantly “gets it!”
  • Knows how to design a business growth plan and put it into action so that it actually produces specific results that will…
  • Attract your specific target market customer who both needs and wants what you offer…
  • Have them willing and able to pay your prices and use your solutions….
  • And because you have learned how to deliver exactly what you promised, they become “raving” fans and tell others who need and want what you offer.
  • Thus the growth cycle repeats itself over and over as the business grows and prospers!


This  unique “Become a Business Magnet” series of luncheons will occur each month. There will be directed networking with a specific purpose, lunch, and then a workshop on a critical topic of business growth. Each month’s topic will build on the past month so that as the series develops, attendees will develop an amazing and powerful understanding of how to grow their business.


This will not be a training where you just sit back and listen. Each session will provide a plan of action strategy. You will leave the room with a specific idea of exactly what you need to do to implement that idea immediately.


You simply cannot afford to miss this series of luncheons—IF you want a method to truly grow and develop your business. As these grow, more opportunities for marketing and growth will be added—so get started at the beginning.  Don’t miss a single session. That may be the very one that has the strategy you need to really take a giant step!  And, of course, it’s open to both men and women who want to become Business Magnets!


Event location:  The Crowne Plaza
Date: 3rd Thursday of each month
Time: 11:00 AM  Informal networking and check in
11:30-1:30  Guided networking, lunch, workshop
1:30-2:00  Reconnection for those who can linger   
Cost:  $35 includes lunch
Pre-registration required: Email saralyncollins@charter.net or editor@wncwoman.com.
Look for a formal invitation coming soon and register quickly. Seating will be limited.


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