This Year Resolve Not to Eat Your Words!

Richard S. Schaffer, Jr., MD
MD Wellness & Weight Management

At this time of year, most of us are wondering if we are going to be able to keep those ambitious resolutions we came up with over the New Year’s holiday.  One that always seems to top people’s lists is weight loss.  At MD Wellness & Weight Management, I am regularly enlisted to help folks with this challenging, but important, resolution.  Most studies show the reality is that by six months only about 45% of us have kept our pledges.  Change of any kind is difficult, but when it regards your health, none of them could be more important.  In focusing on changing your diet and overall lifestyle to one that is more healthful, remember that you are mostly dealing with behavior change and that isn’t something thaat happens significantly in a short period of time.  Just being more aware of what you eat and how you live is an important start.  In addition to that, I have compiled a list of my favorite tips to help you keep your resolution to lose weight and eat in a more healthful way.  Good luck with your efforts, know we are always here to help, and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012 from all of us here at MD Wellness & Weight Management!


- Set yourself up for success!  Enlist the support of your friends and family.  Better yet, get them all directly involved.
- Avoid fad diets and the quick fix mentality.  Sustainable, lifelong weight loss and weight management takes time.
- Eat more slowly, mindfully, and with better awareness.  Savor the flavors and tastes of foods.
- Make grocery shopping more fun.  Shop at the Farmer’s Market, Co-op, local butcher, and fish monger.  Buy produce that’s in-season.
- Get rid of all sodas in your life, even diet ones!  Try coconut water, cucumber water, or diluted 100% berry juice (1oz juice with 8oz water).
- Try new Superfoods regularly.  Gogi berries, sea vegetables, avocados, kale, nuts and seeds.
- Get your carbohydrates from natural sources, not processed ones.
- Eat breakfast!  Make sure you never skip it and always include some protein with it.
- Cook for yourself.  Control what you eat by preparing it yourself.
- Water.  Drink more of it.  Have a glass when you first get up every morning before breakfast.
- Eat naturally colored foods as regularly as you can, e.g. beets, carrots, bell peppers, chard.
- Grow your own food if you can.  Plant a garden or have a planter on the balcony or indoors.
- Be more aware of mindless eating, especially in front of the TV!  If you must eat and watch TV at the same time, at least portion out your food and don’t take the bag with you to the couch!
- Finally, have a good reason to eat and live more healthfully.  Define it specifically, write it down, and reference it often.


Richard S. Schaffer, Jr., MD is board-certified in family medicine and is the medical director of MD Wellness & Weight Management on Hendersonville Rd in south Asheville.  For further information about his practice, please visit his website at or call 828-277-5554.

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