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I have to tell you how spectacular your redesign is. WNCWoman is at a whole new level in every department and is a joy and inspiration to read. The cover especially grabbed me, maybe because my father used to tell me a bedtime story of “pink birds and blue birds and red birds and… etc.” I can’t remember the continuation of that story, except to know it was happy, as is the continuation of WNC Woman. Congratulations to all.
I feel honored to have been a part of this issue with my fictionalized memoir, Horse Dreams.
Best regards
Carol Marks

Hi Sandi,
Thanks so much for including my story of the Cut-The-Risk fundraiser for WCCJ/Women At Risk. We sold out most of our appointments and many salons added last minute appointments as a result. Because of the great community support, we raised $11,250 to help women get the mental health and substance abuse treatment they needed. We really appreciate the way you consistently highlight the needs of local nonprofits.
Thanks again,
Laura Collins

Congratulations on a beautiful May issue of WNC Woman. Every month the magazine seems to grow in content and becomes more visually enticing. Your hard work and leadership are paying off Sandi. Thanks for sharing your dream and encouraging the rest of us dreamers.
Erin C.

Words From Our Advertisers:

Dear Sandi,
My husband and I have enjoyed reading WNC Woman magazine fpr many years. I have now been advertising in it for over two years. I believe that WNC Woman has been a great help to me in developing my growing place in the professional community and also in our community of creative, caring women and men.
Massimilla M. Harris, Ph.D.

Words from the Editor

WNC Woman started doing a yearly issue (The Y-Chromosome) to honor the men in our lives several years ago. Some people have wondered why we do that in a woman’s magazine. Don’t the men have more than their share of space in any number of media venues?
Yes, it is true that when I look online for quotations about specific subjects, the vast majority of them are by men, unless I specify “quotes by women.”

And when Oprah published the ten books you Must Read, only one of them was by a woman (and the subject matter in most of the others, in my opinion, was definitely male-oriented rather than more human-oriented, or even women-centered).

But, early on, men were asking if they could write something for us. Many wanted to write about the women in their lives or about relationships in general or about their personal and spiritual growth. They felt there was not a place for that in other local publications.

So, what has evolved is what you find in this June issue: stories such as the poignant and beautiful, Stella’s Life, a father’s story about the birth and loss of a baby.

And, I think it’s a sign of our times that we have three very different but equally powerful articles—Hanging Out With God, Within the Oneness, and a review of a new book, Smile to Your Heart Meditations—about finding god, seeking a deeper inner life, and about the power of prayer.
Even some of our regular columnists got into the Y-guy idea: Lavinia Plonka speculates on what a genderless world would be; Jeanne Charters gives us a look at the truth of her husband’s love, Mary Ickes reviews a local male writer, and Peggy Ratusz focuses on the great guys who play music for and with her.

And, in a continuation of our series on the ministries of ABCCM, Lorri Gifford gives us a beautiful picture of the work they are doing to support the Vets from Iraq, Afghanistan―and even, still, Vietnam.

Of course, we aren’t focused only on men this month. Arlene Winkler (the Yankee!) continues her series on women in the Civil War; as always there’s some great poetry; and Maureen McDonnell’s series on health will educate you about how to get rid of yeast problems.

A full and well-rounded issue, I’d say.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker, Publisher

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