What’s in your Mailbox?


By: Roberta Binder

“Never let anyone you care about walk out to an empty mailbox!”
~Jim Rohn, international motivational speaker & business philosopher

hen is the last time you actually received a card in the mail?
When was the last time you actually sent a card through the mail?
In today’s high tech world of the Internet, you can climb out of bed on the morning of your birthday and find your Facebook page already filled with greetings from around-the-world. But is that actually as emotionally the same as ripping open the envelopes that you discovered hiding in your mailbox among the stack of bills and catalogues and finding that friends loved you so much they went out, purchased a card, signed it, took it to the post office and now you are holding it in your hands? Hazy Oberski has found a great way to resolve the time consuming issues of sending out cards for important occasions or just because, and filling friends mailboxes with surprises filled with Love.
Although Hazy is among the top 2% of Realtors here in the Asheville area and, in a way, this story involves her Real Estate business; it is about much more than that. Marlene, a Realtor friend of Hazy’s shared with her how she was growing her business success with SendOutCards (SOC). Hazy thought it was interesting and was happy for her friend, but she couldn’t really see an application that would work into her already busy Real Estate life.
In November last year, Hazy and her husband Ron took a trip to Florida, where they had lived until 10 years ago when they relocated to Asheville, to visit with friends. Once again another friend brought up the subject of having made SOC her main business. Still nothing was sparking for Hazy. It was on the flight home when the realization struck… she thought about all those 600 plus Christmas cards that needed to be sent for her Real Estate business and time was getting closer for that project.
Each Christmas season Hazy and her assistant devoted three or four days to signing, stuffing, addressing, stamping and mailing cards to her entire client list… and then there was the other personal list that she and husband Ron worked on at home. Although Hazy looked at this as a loving gift of recognition, it was also a huge consumption of the precious commodity of time. And so that is how it started.
Hazy decided to take the step to opening a personal account with SOC, but just for Christmas, or so she thought. Her client address list was easily uploaded from the office computer to her personal SOC account. After about twenty minutes of work, she had selected a three-panel card that included a cookie recipe as a nice gift. She uploaded the company logo, and with the push of a key on the computer, all 622 cards were printed, stuffed, addressed, had a real stamp applied and they were delivered to the post office for her. And all that was completed even before lunch, talk about buying extra—and stress free—holiday time; we can all use some of that!
And the bonus: the cards are Green – printed on recycled stock with soy ink! Hazy notes, “It only takes a few minutes to encourage someone with a personal greeting card…but the effect can last a lifetime.”
Hazy and her husband Ron were on another trip to Fort Myers in January. This time they were there for three weeks to catch up with their large circle of friends. One evening while out to dinner with several of those friends, one of them mentioned the beautiful Christmas and birthday cards she had received and wanted to know where Hazy had gotten them. As Hazy told her a little about SOC, “She told me, ‘I want my own personal account right now. Sign me up!’”
During that trip she gathered another group of thirteen more friends and showed them the program. All thirteen wanted to also become part of the organization! It was on the flight home that Ron said, “You know, I think this would be a great idea for you as a business. Networking is critical in today’s world and the cards are a perfect tool for you.” As they talked, that networking idea is exactly what clicked in Hazy’s mind. And when they got off the plane and settled back at home, Hazy signed up for the full system as an independent SOC distributor.
That was the end of January. And her enthusiasm only grows. As with her think-outside-of-the-box approach to Real Estate, she has turned that same approach to SOC. Not a day goes by without a card going out to someone! As she meets people at networking gatherings, talking on the street, social events and just in daily life—a card of greeting and “welcome to my life” goes out that day. When a friend calls and they are down, perhaps that card includes a box of chocolates or a Starbucks card… easy to add either one, and says, “I hope this picks up your spirits.”
Recently Susan, an independent distributor and friend, who also works at a car dealership, told Hazy a great story about selling her boss, the owner of the car dealership, on the system. He was so impressed with the possibilities, and wanted to see what his staff could do with this great new tool that he credited each member of the sales staff with $100 per month to send out cards to clients. At the next sales meeting, one of the old-timers on the staff stood up to announce, “For six months I’ve been calling and emailing past clients with no response. Last month, I sent out ten of these greeting cards, and sold three cars—just from those ten clients! I’m going to be doing a lot more of this kind of networking!”
The SOC independent distributers form a virtual community. There is an active communication system that when a distributor has a celebration or a tragedy it is posted and other distributors reach out with their support. Hazy and Ron witnessed this first hand when their son, Bill, was killed in a motorcycle accident in June of this year. Not only was there an instant out-pouring of heartfelt cards and messages—those cards continue to show up in their mailbox. “The love that has been poured out to us and the encouragement that each card holds will last a lifetime in supporting our healing,” says Hazy.

Check out Hazy’s ad (this page) with its offer of free cards to the first 200 responders). I tried it, it’s easy… the directions are so simple to follow.  And as Kody Bateman, SOC CEO repeats, “Sending an unexpected card, for no reason, often means the most.”

Hazy Oberski is an Independent Distributor for SendOutCards. If you are interested in learning more about the company and the opportunities it has to offer you can reach her at Hazy.SendOutCards@gmail.com or call 828-684-5655.

Roberta Binder is a Writer, Editor and Photographer who works with international authors bringing their words to life at: RobertaEdits.com. As a Feng Shui Master, she brings Peace and Balance to the lives of clients throughout W N C: SacredEarthWisdom.com and Facebook page Facebook.com/AshevilleFengShuiMaster featuring wit and wisdom.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker