By: Mary Jo Amani

If I Can Understand the Last Line of that Poem
I Might Just Eat Another Slice of Cake

little statue of buddha with his hands in the air
belly hanging out you know he loves to cook
licks the bowl and even dips a spoon in the peanut butter
smears it onto a banana and rolls his eyes toward heaven and sighs
on earth which is heaven which is infinite which is yes
despite all the goddamn uncertainty
gathers all the world’s wondrous herbs and eats
phad thai and beef bolognaise (but not at the same time)
and drinks merlot and a South African blend of shiraz and pinotage
skips now and then
those bougainvillea vines draping over the crumbling brick wall
is the vendor sitting on a muddy piece of cardboard
selling gum and candy to the passersby
eyeing with delight the strut of the full-breasted young chick
envious or curious
playful or teasing
another whole rotten tomato altogether
and what gods are we talking about anyway
get rid of all those gargoyle pernicious
insistent envious look at those love-handles
and my god your arm flab is flapping
you carried the child up the steep mountain
tied him down and raised your hand
plunged in the knife
breathing heavily from that arduous climb
carrying the weight of that double chocolate hot fudge sundae cake
from Betty Crocker’s in the extra fold over your waist
but just over there in a c`lump of grass
that cricket trilling as if she hadn’t a care in the world
unleash Isaac                      dance
pull out that most delicious raisin bran moist muffin
from your pouch take a bite and sigh       
little buddha raise your hands to the heavens
rapturous sweep of your arms
parting the red sea of doubt
what good are you anyway who wants to read such drivel
it’s all a pipe dream get a damn job
feast on the gift
on the mountain you just climbed
on the man sitting
on that second piece
of there must be a god if this tastes so good
walnut carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
lick your fingers but leave
a little crumb for when the
the envious ones swoop in

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker