My Prayer


By: Virginia Kaufmann

Are you still
with us
Mother Dear?
I fear your days are done.
Although your eyes are open
their spark
is almost gone.
Please don’t be frightened,
Mother Dear,
you’ve always been
so strong.
I’m coming back,
sweet Mother Dear,
to hold you
in my arms;
just like you did
when I was small
you’d always make me warm.
You’ve given lives
so wonderful
and though we all have grown,
we share your heart,
your wisdom,
with children of our own.
I cherish what
I’ve learned from you
I am who I am
because I took a different path
and you helped me
find my way.
Your grace,
your faith,
your gratitude,
are what I hold most dear
I only want
the best for you
now that the Angels near.
Please give her Peace
Dear God I pray
to you she does belong.
For she has always lived her life
to be with you
all along.

Virginia Kaufmann lives in the hills of Weaverville surrounded by the love of her wonderful chef-husband, Daniel and her beautiful, amazing daughter, Bridget.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker