November 2011



Calendar of Advertiser Events

Wild Writing Mind
By: Sue Spirit

Aesthetic Gallery - Brenda Macauley
By: DeBorah Ogiste

Artsy Smartsy
By: Kristine Madera

Dear Jeanne Charters
By: Carol Diamond

A Chance to Pay-It-Forward
By: Lyna Farkas & Barb Burless

Two Things I’m Sure Of
By: Diane Dill Webb

Silvia Sabaini: Reluctant Prodigy
By: Arlene Winkler

The Art of Creating Art for Visual Artists
artists: Donna Price, Margaret Cogswell, Susan McBride, Mimi Strang
By: Dana Irwin

What’s in your Mailbox?
By: Roberta Binder

Taking Time to Follow Her Muse
By: Mary & Linda Pannullo

Run Pray Fly: Britt Kaufmann
By: Cathy Larson Sky

Interview with Author Marjorie Hudson
By: Michele Berger



By: Jeanne Charters

By: Lavinia Plonka

Coping with PMS & 14 Tips for Easing symptoms
By: Maureen Mcdonnell


Women Making Music
Tressa’s Female Artist Spotlight Night
By: Peggy Ratusz


Words By Women
Words to the Wise: reviw
A Book of Spiritual Wisdom by Marijo Moore
By: H. Byron Ballard

Belly: prose
By: Tamara Nesbit

My Prayer: poem
By: Virginia Kaufmann

The Falcon Guides: Hiking Waterfalls in North Carolina
by Melissa Watson: review
By: Lorri Gifford

Love Amoung Enemies: review
By: Mary Ickes

If I can understand the last line: poem
By: Mary Jo Amani

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