Words From the Editor:

Gosh, it truly seems like just a few days ago that I was putting the final touches on the September issue… and here it is nearly October. I do think time is flying faster and faster. So, I’m taking time each day to get up from my desk and walk outside, breathe the sweet fall air, listen to the many bird sounds around me; basically remembering to BE in my
life each moment.
I hope you will take many moments to sit in your favorite place with this month’s issue. There’s so much to intrigue and inspire.
Johanna Fowler starts us off with her poignant story of coping with a cancer diagnosis and it’s aftermath.
Then Gloria Chan relates a radical new idea for operating her acupuncture practice in Pay It Forward.
Donna Bogren wanted to move on from a lifetime of construction management and found her calling… in trash… the result is Common Ground.
Continuing the theme of giving back in our businesses, All Souls Counseling relates the story of how this sliding-scale practice began.
If you are like me and are always interested in ancestry and history, you’ll find Sandy Garcia’s experience of researching her family stories intresting and informative.
And be sure to give yourself time to read Lana Ford’s superb piece: Quantum Selves, Quantum Bodies… it’s not light reading and is thought-provoking to say the least.
In Birthquake, Kristine Madera tells us how , on her 40th birthday, she woke to the words, “the bullshit is over!”
And Beverly Molander leads us through the process of thinking about the Watershed Moments in life when everything changes.
There are, as always, inspiring profiles of local women, including a new Subaru car sales woman… one of very few in the area. And Good Yoga teacher, Kelly McKibben talks about how she teaches and helps women (and a few men) keep their bodies and spirits tuned up.
Carol Dixon offers a short story, Rule Number One and we’ve reprinted a poem from last month that was missing the entire ending stanza.
As always, we have our regular columns and series, a couple of short pieces and quite a few statistics scattered throughout about how women are doing in the world today (much gleaned from the 9/26 issue of Newsweek). How we are moving into areas of political and economic power in ever growing numbers. How women in the arab world are reinventing themselves as their opportunities to thrive increase.
It’s a Woman’s World!
And please continue on to my Last Word on page 56.

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