There Was a Time

Dawn Izon


There was a time when her laughter flowed as freely as the spring rains

A contagious melody carried on the wind.

Her smiles were quick and generous for all

The gleam of merriment glowing in her sparkling eyes.

Hands alive in conversation, dancing in rhythm to her words,

So attuned to her fellow man, knowing just how to comfort, console, or amuse.

She was the type people would notice across a crowded room and gravitate to,

Not because of great outer beauty, but from the inner force that fueled her every move.

I have watched her die………..not a physical death.

Slowly at first as the underpinnings of her beliefs sank beneath the crushing waves of life.

First a little chink in the armor as she bravely fought on,

Then another and another and another, becoming battle-worn from life’s furies.

The eyes that once danced with merriment are dull now,

Watchful, guarded, giving nothing away, hiding the secret demons.

Her smiles are weary and rare……never quite coming to full bloom.

She remains quiet and reserved holding on stingily to the pieces that once were whole.

Fear has frozen her in a place that leaves no room for hope.


And still she prays.

Sandi Tomlin-Sutker
Written by Sandi Tomlin-Sutker