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Susie Greene is Quite a Woman

Rivkah Koppel



She’s only in her 50’s and has already accomplished a great deal in her life. I’m sure she’d probably tell you one of her greatest accomplishments would be raising her son as a single mother, and of course that’s a very big deal.
But add to that her life as an actress, minister, singer, motivational speaker, with a kick-ass sense of humor and a deep connection to spirit. That would seem to be enough for any mere mortal – but no, we now have her new book, A Pocket Guide to Riches − a formula to create money on a consistent basis, published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publishing.

In our conversations about her life and the writing of the book, one of the things that struck me was how she felt when she began her spiritual journey. When it came to creating real abundance in her life, she didn’t get it. How many of us have had that experience?!

When she read the books about abundance and creating riches and listened to people, especially the really smart people who seem to have all the answers, she didn’t get it. It was all an intellectual concept, which on that level was easy to understand. But when it came to actualizing the concept, making it real for herself, it didn’t happen. And Susie’s a woman who commits to things. She doesn’t walk away just because something is difficult. She gives it her all. And still, she thought to herself, “I don’t think I can do one more affirmation!” She had immersed herself in everything she knew to do: meditating, workshops, retreats; she had read books, chanted, changed her thinking, even walked on fire. Still, something was missing.

What she came to realize was that the missing piece, the essential missing piece, was that she hadn’t made a decision. Yep, it turns out we don’t get what it is we’re trying to manifest until we do that one thing first. We have to make a decision. And the way she came to that conclusion was when she started to investigate how, in her past, she had created a significant chunk of change.

Susie doesn’t remember a time she didn’t want to be an actress. In her twenties she moved to the City of Angels, where all aspiring performers go to get their big break. The “big” break didn’t happen but she worked hard at her craft, spending lots of money on workshops, portfolios, agents, classes, head-shots, etc. She also spent a summer in New York attending The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. In 1988 she moved back to her home town, Asheville. Still pursuing acting, Susie auditioned for everything, got some small gigs − but still, nothing substantial.

Then the big moment came.

She was in her parents’ home, in the kitchen talking to her dad, when he inadvertently gave her the magic key. He told her that if she hadn’t made it as an actress by then, she wasn’t ever going to. She was devastated. Acting was her life − and here was one of the most important people in her life telling her it was never going to happen.

What she did next is at the crux of everything that came later. After all the tears, the fierce anger, she decided. She would show him and she would succeed. A month later, a big New York director came to town casting a Tide commercial. Susie and 300 other people auditioned and she got the gig − earning a cool $30,000.

Time passed. Years later, she was struggling with money concerns and wondering, after all the effort she had put in to creating abundance for herself, why nothing was working. It was then she looked back at the time she had created just what she had wanted and what the determining factor was. And just like that it came. She had made a decision! Yes, it was made with tears and with an I’ll show you attitude, but that was part of the discovery. It’s decision with an attitude. It’s passion. It’s believing.  It’s FEELING.

If you want to create big stuff, there has to be big feeling involved. As you read Susie’s book you’ll notice that time after time there’s passion. Not from the head, but from the heart − and all those other places you feel your truth. Your gut. It’s the voice that is always only saying yes when it’s yes.

This book is full of simple yet powerful ideas to help figure out where to go next on your abundance journey, especially if you’ve experienced frustration around issues with money. And since it seems everyone we know is having a smidge of an issue with money, this book will probably be a best seller! You can order it at Susie’s web site:

Read this book. Read it if you know instinctively there’s more for you to have and to hold. Read it if you know you’re ready (or want to be ready) to make that decision. And then relax. The best is yet to come.

Susie Greene is an Abundant Life Mentor and Speaker and helps clients in achieving more joy, more freedom, more abundance, and an everlasting feeling of true success.  Her website is and she can be reached at or 828/989-0248.

Rivkah Koppel is in her 3rd act.  She has decided to spend it sharing her wisdom and humor as a Spiritual Mentor as well as her experience in the Pure Land of the Present Moment. Her 2nd act professionally was spent as an Advertising Executive, Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and occasional writer. You can reach her at:

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