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Sharing the Vision of the Star Quilt
by BJ Red Brown Buffalo Woman and Katie Ghost Horse

We greet each grandmother, mother, daughter, auntie, sister with love from our hearts to yours. We ask our grandmothers and mothers to bring blessing to each one of you.
We would also like to thank each of you for your wonderful prayers and sharing of your hearts, this is truly a blessing and the sign of the prophecies coming to be.

Red boys name is Young Blood
He brings to us the medicine wheel to remind us we are all equal human beings and we are all related in the circle of life.

We are now spinning the web of the healings that was predicted 19 generations ago, that the women of the world would unite and bring healings to the people of the Earth Mother. With love from our sacred hearts, our sacred song, our heartfelt prayers, and our gentleness. We each stand up in our dignity, integrity, and virtue, allowing our natural nurturing to be all that we can be. We support each other as sisters, mothers and grandmothers through our mutual respect for each woman being an individual with a destiny to fulfill and to be in service of and for the wellness of the children’s children 7 generations forward. Together bring forth this wellness to flow through to their mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers to gain the understanding of the earth changes.

Sharing the visions that have come through in the sacred ceremonies

At the 5th Sundance, some years back, our prayers were for the children to stop killing each other in our school systems; one prayer was, what can be done to help stop this? We heard the children speak of their fears of being killed in a place that was supposed to be a safe. This caused so much pain in our hearts.

Black and yellow girl's name is Belongs
She brings to us the sacred drum to remind us of the heart beat of the people to encourage us love each human being as a whole so that our heart beats strong.

One of the answers that came through was to make star quilts for all the children, that if we did this the grandmothers would wave a web of protection around all the children in our families, and any one who made these star quilts would be giving gifts of wisdom from their ancestors. The answer to our prayers came through during the children’s round, there were 12 children dancing and in the support area we counted 28. The vision was shared with our daughters, sisters and women in our extended family, 57 women and 3 men volunteered to help.


White girl’s name is Snow.
She brings to us the willow hoop to help us
to remember to live in a sacred circle.


With the volunteers in place—filled with love and prayers for our children’s safety—we began our star quilt project of 40 star quilts as our goal. We began receiving calls from other members in our extended family that were not at the dance and could we please include their children. We completed this star quilt project for the next year's Sundance with 150 star quilts. The most rewarding part of the project was watching the children choose their quilt.

We became the living prayer working together, united in a common goal that has brought so much love and nurturing to the children form all of our hearts. The children say their star quilts are magic, that the grandmothers come and tell them stories while they sleep. Some call them their magic quilts, some say they have never before felt so loved and cared for. Mothers shared with us that the star quilts never get dirty. Others have shared if they do get dirty, the children stay by the washing machine and the dryer till they are done. We have been told they keep their star quilts with them wherever they go. One young girl heard that a Sun dancer didn’t have a blanket and was cold at night so she loaned her star quilt. For me I watched the news and saw that the killings in the schools have stopped. As human beings, we have the power together to change the sickness of the world.

Yellow boy's name is Little Sun
He brings us the turtle and sunflower to remind us to continue growing in balance with all that is around us.

Two years ago we were struck with devastation of the twin towers and the bombings in Iraq. Once again the prayers were put out to the grandmothers: "what could we do to help stop this sickness of killing of our innocent children." Well don’t you know they said make star quilts for all the children of the world and we will weave a web of protection.

Once again the journey to this new project begins and what I have come to understand it is not an “I” project it is “we” project; if any of our sharing has touched your hearts and you would like to help, let us know.
[ bj@magicstarquilts.com; 828-680-9325 ]

The star quilt patterns above show the seven nations of children which represent all people and the universe as a whole. The children have come forth like the grand spider mothers to proclaim it is time for all of us to unite in harmony.

To read more about the seven nations of children, see the work of Clem Iron Wing, Randy Jones & Matthew Richter on the website www.iwchildren.org/Story/itbegan.htm

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