Currency Corner: Becoming Confident With Money


By Laura McCue


She was 92 yet her mind was as sharp as ever. In the past year she had lost her husband after 67 years of marriage. She talked with me about the emotional impact of her loss, which was compounded by the challenges of now having to manage her money and the stress of receiving all kinds of advice and financial requests from her friends and family members. Her husband had always encouraged her to get involved, but she had left that responsibility to him… something she now regrets. Continue reading

Pet Car Corner: African Grey Parrots


Courtesy of Animal Hospital of North Asheville


The African Grey (Psittacus erithacus) from central Africa is a highly intelligent bird commonly encountered in captivity. This elegant medium-sized bird is entirely grey with a strikingly red short blunt tail. The African Grey has a charming personality and is recognized as one of the best talkers among all the pet birds. With this extraordinary ability to imitate, some African Greys develop extensive vocabularies of words, songs, verses, whistles, sneezes, coughs and electronic sounds such as telephones and microwave ovens. Continue reading

September 2014


All the content from the September, 2014, Education Empowers Women issue! Continue reading

Meet Our Advertisers: Ted Riskin, The Relationship Mechanic


Interview by Hank Eder


Hidden away in Fairview is a beautiful retreat, where couples can spend some special private time and work on fine-tuning their relationship. The place is the Fairview Space for Transformation, run by Ted Riskin, LCSW (aka The Relationship Mechanic). Continue reading

Integration in the Swannanoa Valley, Featuring Swannanoa Valley Museum


By Roberta Binder


The Swannanoa Valley includes Riceville, Swannanoa, Montreat and Black Mountain. A quiet sleepy area that began primarily as a farming community, it became a thriving popular summer resort as the stagecoach and train systems expanded, and remains an active suburb nestled in the mountains, close to downtown Asheville. The Swannanoa Valley Museum in Black Mountain holds an amazing historical collection of the region. Housed in the old firehouse, the museum focuses its exhibits each year on different areas of Swannanoa Valley history, enabling new stories to be told from their collection. The focus this season is on the history of the African American population and its contribution to the culture of the Valley, as well as looking at the challenges of segregation and the struggle for equal education. Continue reading

Meet Our Advertisers: Taking the Road to Success with Gerri Critikos


By Rachael Johns


When I was in High School in the late ’80s, one of the most popular songs on the radio was by Whitney Houston. I recall it being incorporated into our end of the year music performance, coupling our symphonic band and choir. Continue reading

The Healing Place Part II: Rape Crisis Center of Henderson County


By Mary Ickes


Mission Statement: To provide specialized services to help men, women, and children recover from sexual violence.


Last month, The Healing Place – Part I addressed the practical aspects of rape and sexual assault: North Carolina’s Laws, crime reporting for children and adults, deprecating myths, the Healing Place’s five steps to helping a victim recover from sexual violence, and the therapies employed by The Healing Place counselors. Continue reading

SHE Has Arrived


By Virginia Kaufmann


“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress in every society, in every family.” ~ Kofi Anaan


Women are more educated than ever before. As a result, women are more capable, and qualified, to be at the helm of any business or learning institution. Continue reading

Book Review: Me Now – Who Next? The Inspiring Story of a Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery By Angela Leigh Tucker As Told by Bill Ramsey


Reviewed by Mary Ickes


As we gathered for Angela Tucker and Bill Ramsey’s presentation at Bookfest 2014 last May, a gracious young woman waved us into the room. Since I had not yet seen their book, I assumed she was the Bookfest volunteer assuring an orderly session. The room filled to capacity then Mr. Ramsey introduced her as Angela Leigh Tucker. I have no idea what I had expected of a traumatic brain injury victim, but certainly not this composed young woman. My experience proves correct one of Mr. Ramsey’s tenets… we understand and know very little about traumatic brain injuries. Continue reading

Women, Spirit & Money: Vocation Motivation – Top Ten Objectives for Spirit-Led Women Determined to Fulfill Their Calling


By Sherri L. McLendon


When women nurturing change answer their higher callings, they’re often asked by Spirit to broaden their perception of what’s possible. In these instances, they find themselves at the intersection between their personal money mindset and the grail of professional growth. Sometimes, we have to get out of our own ways before we can manifest the life of our heart’s desire. Continue reading


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