Jane Kramer – Three Chords and the Truth


I met Jane Kramer at a house party in Montford in 2003. She was pickin’ and singin’ on the front porch with a group of musicians. Impressed by her musical point of view, I started going to hear her in …


Staying Healthy through the Holidays


| By Dr. LuLu Shimek, ND | The holidays are by far my favorite time of year. The smell of pumpkin pie in the air, drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace, caroling with friends (I can’t carry a tune but …


The Healing Power in Facing Your Shadow


| By Christine Garvin | 2016: What a powerful year it’s been. By powerful, I don’t mean good – Or enjoyable – Or delightful. For many of us, the year was much closer to daunting – Or formidable. But within …


About December and Beyond


| By Elizabeth Pavka | This “Food for Thought” article has three parts. First, how to navigate holiday parties in healthier ways.


Poetry: Empty


| By Julia Nunnally Duncan | The upstairs corner where my daughter sat in her rocking chair, reading or doing her homework, is bare since she is not there.


Food For Thought: Dessert! Need We Say More? Apples Are In!


There are many, many apple varieties in season locally at this time of year. I am also taken my what apples offer, both in their raw form and by way of the end products like apple cider and apple cider …


What have you Outgrown this Year?


| By Ryan Jo Summers | I have learned that some lessons are best learned through trials and understood through perspective.


Is Crowd Sourcing For Me?


| By Alicia Sisk-Morris, CPA, ME | To determine if crowd sourcing is for you, let’s first discuss what it is. Crowd sourcing, also known as crowd funding, is the process of getting work or money, usually through an online …