Hocus Pocus


| By JeanAnn Taylor | Why do mummies have trouble keeping their friends? … Because they’re so wrapped up in themselves. 🙂


Book Review: “The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II” by Denise Kiernan


Despite Rosie the Riveter’s best efforts during World War II to laud women replacing men in industrial jobs, their peers in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, received no tribute. Not because Rosie errored, but because the Clinton Engineer Works’ (CEW) purpose was …


You’re Ready To Buy A House… Now What?


| By Peggy Crowe | When the house-buying bug first bites you it can be an adrenaline rush and, for some, become a part-time job and addiction, albeit a fun one. All that HGTV ‘knowledge’ comes into play. You’re psyched …


Wise Woman Allies: Four Favorite Herbs for Women of All Ages and Stages


| By Corinna Wood | I am often asked what herbs can help with women’s health concerns. In the Wise Woman Tradition, we see nourishment as the foundation for establishing and sustaining optimum health. So rather than looking at our …


Many Ailments Are Related to Adrenal Fatigue!


| By Jane Smolnik, ND, Iridologist | Do you have Rheumatoid Arthritis? Allergies? Asthma? Fibromyalgia? Chronic Fatigue? Epstein Barr? Hashimoto’s? Multiple chemical sensitivities? Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? MS? HIV? Yes, ALL of these conditions have adrenal fatigue underneath. The adrenal glands …


Food For Thought: A Little Bird Told Me… It’s For the Birds!


I love the birds (and those they hang out with) and wonder how so many idioms, mostly negative, were created about birds in particular. Birds have an environmental role that is key and they are a joy to feed and …


Tips On Securing A Small Business Loan


| By Alicia Sisk-Morris, CPA, ME | Have you ever sat at home watching “Shark Tank” thinking to yourself, I have a great idea for a new product or business? Or, is your business in a position to need a …


The Power of Innovation


| By Meridith Elliott Powell | One of the best things about today’s economy is the resurgence of the startup and the entrepreneur. The transportation business has been shaken up by the creation of Uber; the way we travel has …